The End Result

A couple of weeks ago I posted about an upcoming project my students were going to be working on as a cumulative assessment to end their quarter: Silly Rap Rhythms with Quaver. Now that the quarter has ended, the projects are graded, and I have piles of great work and a whole library of new recordings. I chose some of the best worksheets and recordings to share. The student work in this post is from 3rd-5th graders!

Lyrics and rhythm worksheets:

Pie Rocks

Drums Go

Ipods Like Ice Cream


Recordings on Sound Cloud:


Drums Go

My Dog Has Fleas


Chocolate is Good

Music is Our Life

Harry Larry

Lemonade Stand



Ice Cream

My wonderful students created these songs from the ground up. I usually focus on the basics of creating rhythms during the first quarter I see them and this was a perfect wrap up for everything. They created the lyrics, they composed the rhythms (We used dot notation as explained in the Quaver Music Rhythm episode), and then they logged into and created a background song for their recording in QGrooves creative using Quaver Music’s new rap loops. After ALL of that they learned how to work a mic and run a recording app on the iPad and recorded on their own in the recording studio.

 It took a while to complete all of this but it was a great time for independent learning and discovery for my students and also great one on one instruction time. The project received wonderful reviews from my students and I can’t wait to do it again at school #2 this quarter!

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