Understanding What a Measure is Using Blooms Taxonomy

Today during out district PD day I ended up in a workshop with other elementary specialists on using Blooms taxonomy and special questioning techniques more in our lessons. It was very interesting to look at some of these techniques that I normally don’t think about when lesson planning and try to apply it to what I do in the music classroom. In our Blooms Taxonomy session we thought up a concept in our content area and went through each step one at a time while coming up with activities and key questions to use in our classroom that applied to each area of Blooms Taxonomy. My colleague was all over this activity which got me excited and the both of us created the following for understanding all about measures using the steps of Blooms Taxonomy:

All About Measures


Activities- Questioning and Discussions

Key Questions- What is a measure? Where does it start and end?

Can you point out where the measure starts and ends?

How many beats are in the measures in front of you?


Activities: Explaining and Interpreting

Key Questions: Can you count the measures in front of you? How did you get that number?


Activities: Label the first 32 measures of the song in front of you, perform or find an 8 measure song, Compose an 8 measure song

Key Questions: How did you label the measures? How do you identify a measure?


Activities: Analyze measures in different meters

Key Questions: How many beats make it up? Can you break it down by note or rest? If we have a song that is 16 measures and each measure has 3 beats, how many beats are in the song total?


Activities: Give students a piece of music without a meter and have them identify the meter, give students a worksheet and have them divide beats into measures of 2, 3 and 4.

Key Questions: How would you figure out what meter a piece of music is in?


Activities: Play or compose a short song in a meter of ___(2/4,3/4,4/4)

Key Questions: Can you compose a piece of music in the following meter? How many ways can you create a measure in the following meter?


                  What concepts would you use the steps of Blooms Taxonomy for to come up with lessons and questions?

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