Education Trend Forecast for 2023

Every year I play a game predicting new educational and Edtech trends for the new year. I take a look at what happened the year before and check what I got right and what I missed (if I get a certain amount right that year, I usually set a prize (I’m a sucker for a pack of M&Ms!)) I sometimes spend hours researching these trends through trusted source articles and social media posting trends. For me, it is a fun game and helps me better understand where education is and is going this year.

So here are just four of the predictions for the new year!

  1. Professional Development – A few years ago, technology was thrown at teachers right and left. Now they are playing catchup, helping educators better understand what they have at their fingertips. We also learned so much about how we can connect with one another during this time and found virtual and digital self-led PD to be, in some cases, a great alternative as opposed to in-person. Companies are starting to turn towards full-scope professional learning products to provide educators with the learning they need and want. To add to the current teacher crisis, we need more learning resources for teachers than ever before.
  2. Global and Civic Engagement – A lot is happening right now. A trend here to stay is cultural awareness. Bring the events and people of the world into your classroom so students can be more aware of the planet they live on and what’s happening on it. Making students more mindful can help bring out their passion for making this world better.
  3. Flexible Learning – After the events of the pandemic, students and adults found they work and learn better in different situations. The push for flexibility everywhere has become quite large. From flexible seating to learning choices and even modes of learning. Gone are the days of the rigid one-classroom school. Now we learn from anywhere.
  4. Data-Driven Assessment – Individualized student progress is essential in today’s personalized learning and technology era. It has made it much easier to track each student’s progress and create instant reports.