The 10 Things Why Every Music Teacher Needs Duct Tape.

I’ve got a month in between classes and trying to get myself into the writing mood, enjoy a ¬†little satire piece to end your Friday!

We all know the phrase “Duct Tape fixes everything!” but does it really? Here’s 10 things that duct tape can do to help make your day to day life in your music class a little less stressful.¬†

1.) Instrument Repair!

2.) Recorder Karate Belts

IMG_01893.) Hanging Posters

4.) Last Minute Bandaid

5.) Covering Home Made Rhythm Sticks


6.) Earplugs


7.) Quick Clothes Fix


8.) Decorations

9.) Fixing Music Folders


10.) Claiming What is Yours!


*Making your Finish Line Flag for the Last Day of School*