10 Things You Should Know About Working in An Elementary School

       After working 2 years in two different elementary schools I’ve had my ups and had my downs. Luckily it has been more ups than downs creating memorable stories to last me a life time. Here are some funny (or insane..I’ll leave that up to you) dos and donts collected from my experiences:

1. Summer fever starts after the winter holidays– You all know this is true…

2. Stickers will get you a lot- I have a stash of about a thousand sitting in my desk. Need your room cleaned during recess? BRIBE THEM WITH STICKERS! Need materials made for a new class activity and the rest of the class is watching a video? BRIBE THEM WITH STICKERS!  Stickers are like the children’s new fashion accessory the more bright and colorful stickers they can stick on themselves, the cooler they look.

3. Giving your students sugar is a bad idea- Lethal in large doses, sugar can cause children to gain super powers. Able to leap a hopscotch grid in a single bound, faster than a speeding hot wheels.. sugar is a powerful weapon.

4. Food in the teachers room will magically vanish in seconds- One time, I brought in a tray of fresh baked cinnamon rolls..went to the restroom..came back out and my rolls had magically vanished! It’s magical food trickery I tell you!!

5.Marching around the playground playing bagpipes will get you a lot of attention- You’ll also be labeled as a crazed maniac who wears a kilt whenever the time seems awkward enough. Any non sensical activity that can seem crazy, awkward, or just down right funny will get you a lot of attention. Some good, some bad, but if you’re a person who practices the phrase “I don’t care what other people think” your non sensical activities turn into a darn good time.

6.If you don’t leave your room, cabin fever sets in- Talking to yourself, wanting to run down the hall yelling, dancing at random times of the day? YOU’VE GOT THE FEVER! Not to worry though this fever is solved with a little social interaction! But of course, a little craziness never hurt. Putting on a fruit hat and doing the cha cha while singing cabin fever is never a bad site to see! Make sure all video cameras are destroyed first..

7.If they ask to go to the bathroom every 20 minutes- They either are not admitting to an issue that they should see the nurse for..OORRR you’ve got a skipper! What they don’t realize though is that the test they just skipped out on will be waiting for them when they get back and the rest of their class is at recess. Hehehe.

8.DON’T GET DOWN LOW- So a song is playing, you are dancing right along with your students having fun and getting their craziness out. All of a sudden the music tells you to get down low on the floor. You do so and..CRACK! something in that body of yours makes a noise and you can’t move. Your kids laugh at first as you lay helpless like a turtle on the floor but then all rush to your side as you laugh in pain unable to roll over and slide yourself into your chair until they give you breathing room. It doesn’t matter how old or how young, you can’t bend like a 4th grader anymore! From personal experience, to avoid the turtle pose and ice packs in places you don’t want later STAY STANDING.

9.Trying to use the teachers room bathroom- I wish you good luck…Sometimes the only adult bathroom around in a lot of buildings this sacred bathroom is one to be revered if gained access to. Usually busy most of the day with constant traffic this bathroom filled with magazines, fresh and good smelling scents, and uniquely scented soaps can be a highlight of any teachers day. C’mon on, there is only so much use of the tiny toilets or bathroom stalls you can take!

10.Purchase a lot of colorful duct tape- You will use this magical fix it material found at our local office or craft supply store whether it’s to quickly fix a broken instrument, decorate a piece of office equipment, or to tape your rug to the floor so your students stop picking it up during class!! It serves not only as a great last minute fix it tool but also a great way to occupy the younger children in your classes with the purdy shiny colorful swirly thingys…*stares at pile of tape*

If You Had a Chance to Change Their Fate, Would You?

I just saw another epic adventure brought to you by the inspiring minds of Pixar. Reminds me of what keeps me inspired, that no matter who you are, where you come from, or what you’ve done..you have the chance to change your fate and bring freedom and joy into the life you lead.

Our freedom, pride, destiny. The characteristics that make us who we are, can they be changed? We are born into a certain story with certain expectations and a plot all ready to follow. What happens when we rip that page of the book out? Can we change that plot into our own story?

Have you ever watched a class of students slink into your room, you know their stories..you have expectations on their fates but their story isn’t set in stone. The pages of their book that are already written can be ripped apart and bound into a whole different adventure. Remember, to never judge a student’s destiny by their cover. Even though we may not be the cutest or even blue in color, teachers are the wisps of the real world forest, we can show them the way to their new story, a story bound by their own bravery to venture out and climb the cliffs drinking from courage built inside of themselves.

So when you venture out into the woods, judging the travelers by where they come from or how they look (even if their appearance mirrors those of creatures you’d rather not meet in a dark forest). Help them to rewrite their story in their own way. Change their fate..

5 Books You Should Read in Your Class

Like most elementary general music teachers I LOVE to read to my students in class and have built up quite a library of books. All of them have a relationship to music, some of them require activities to do with the students to tie in the story but some of them are interactive all on their own. Here is 5 books I have read to my students that are proven hits and some activities to go along with them:

Berlioz the Bear by Jan Brett tells the story of poor Berlioz the Bear whose string bass has a mysterious buzzing sound. His orchestra is on its way to the village square to a concert and gets stuck. After a large group of animals tries to pull their wagon out Berlioz finds out the reason his bass has been buzzing…A BEE! The bee stings the donkey pulling the cart of musicians and runs down to the square getting the musicians there on time. I tend to read this book as my younger grades start to learn about the orchestra. We talk about why an orchestra warms up, concert etiquette, and the different instruments shown in the book.

 I Know a Shy Fellow Who Swallowed a Cello  by Barbara S. Garriel is a play on the series of books entitled I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a…  The shy fellow in this story shows off his enormous appetite for instruments swallowing everything he can get his hands on. After he swallows as much as he can the instruments explode back out and into the hands of their owners again. This is a great book for younger students who are just getting use to instrument names. After he swallows each instrument we’ll talk about it and after they explode out of his mouth I will ask questions about the instrument to see how much they have retained!

Carnival of the Animals by Jack Prelutsky is a series of poems dedicated to the song Carnival of the Animals by Camille Saint-Saens. Each section of the book is about the animals in the song giving a short poem about each one. The greatest part about this book is there is a CD that goes along with it. It narrates each poem by Jack Prelutsky himself and plays each portion of the song. The last track on the CD is the whole song. I will post pictures from  the animals all around the room and play the track. The students must listen to each portion of the song and stand by the corresponding animal. I stop after each portion of the track to say which animal it was so students know if they were correct or incorrect.

 Pete the Cat  by Eric Litwin is a series of 3 books. Pete the Cat I love my White Shoes, Pete the Cat Rockin’ in My School Shoes, and Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons. Each book tells the story of Pete the Cat and his love for his clothes. Each book also has it’s own song that will get stuck in your head..I love my white shoes..I love my white shoes..OH NO! IT’S STUCK IN MY HEAD! With each book have your students sing along, don’t worry they will know the words after the first page. To go further with the song notate it and have your students play along with it. With the first book I love My White Shoes I have my kindergartners color a shoe and we put it into a book and sing along to the book before I pass the book off to the teachers as a gift. It’s a fun activity for all!

 Freddie the Frog  by Sharon Burch is a fantastic series I recently found this year. Each book tells of an adventure Freddie and his pal Eli go on around their home of Treble Clef Island. Each adventure secretly teaches the students a musical concept and tests them at the end. The students are surprised at first not knowing they learned anything at all until rethinking the book and that little lightbulb  suddenly turns on. These books are interactive in themselves providing activities and songs for students to take part in. Make sure you have the Freddie the Frog puppet to read along with the CDs. Students are completely engaged watching you talk with it.

Check out Amazon.com to get all of these books for your collection!

Quavermusic.com Web quests

I’ve talked a lot about Quavermusic this year. It has been used a lot in my teaching and me being me I wanted to make sure it’s use was meaningful and productive to my students. The best way I’ve found to use the site is to give what I call “missions” to my students. In other words, a web quest. It is a series of steps that direct a student around a website or series of websites to make it a meaningful lesson or experience. What I give is a short and sometimes funny or out there introduction before giving them the steps to complete. I keep them short because of my class time limit and my students that complete these are only 3rd through 5th! Here are my top 8 in no particular order, it is the concept, the introduction, and then the steps to complete:

High to low, low to high, up and down it’s worth a try! Did you know, without pitch melodies would be quite boring? Follow the steps below to discover the meaning of the musical word ‘pitch’!

Clown pitch game – Head to the lab and click on the organ. You will travel to the ear carnival! Practice listening for high and low pitch on the first game. All you have to do is read the directions and poke the right clown on the seesaw.

Bell game– There is a hidden bell game in the shop! How exciting! Find the game and play it. Read the directions carefully, it’s not about size it’s about sound!

Qcomposer– Now here is the test. Head to the studio and click on the piano. Write me a 3 measure melody on the top line. Remember our melody writing rules and only use quarter and eighth notes!

Laaaa laaa laaa. I feel like singing today! But what shall I sing? Can you help me? Make your way through Quavermusic.com to find me the perfect melody! Hurry up though I can’t hold out singing much longer!

Play melody on piano on front of building– B A G A, B B B, A A A, B B B, B A G A, B B B, A A B A G..what is that mysterious melody? Play it on the piano on the front of the shop and write your guess on the board!

Ear carnival intervals– Head to the lab and click on the organ. You will travel to the Quaver ear carnival! Play the game in the middle. Listen to each note and try to figure out how many spaces apart they sound. Click on the right cup before time runs out!

Qcomposer– Here’s your chance to get creative! 5 measures, access to all of the notes, remember our melody writing rules and write me the best melody you can!

Note names and values:

HELP! I bumped my noggin while snorkeling off the coast of Zimbabwe and cannot remember the names and values of the notes and rests on the board so I can teach you. Can you teach me? Help me fill in the missing information on the board by making your way around Quavermusic.com

QMeasureup– Head to the music room and click on the arcade center. Play a game of Qmeasure up! It’s like tetris but instead of fitting in pieces you are fitting notes into each measure. 4 beats per measure only!

Qstrum– Boogie to the studio and click on the guitar. 10 measures maximum for this rockin’ tune. Click on a chord and then fill in a measure using the notes under “durations” by dragging and dropping. Remember to only use 4 beats per measure! Change chords every measure to add some rock and roll flavor to your song.

Astronotes– Go back to the arcade in the music room and play a game of Astronotes! Here’s the catch though, before you shoot it, you need to say the name of each note!

Rhythm and beat:
Tee Tee Tah Tee Tee Tah, There’s a mysterious beat coming from the closet! Help!! I think it’s the beat monster. We need to follow the steps around Quavermusic.com to discover our inner beat and rhythm and feed him some rhythms before the beat monster gets hungry!

Instrument in the shop– There are lots of instruments sitting around in the shop, how many can you find that will give you a beat that is steady? write one guess on the board before continuing.

Metro– Head to your favorite spot on the metro and listen to the music..can you find the beat in the song that is playing? Clap your hands to try to fin it!

QBackbeat– Now go to your last stop in the studio and click on the drum set! Gimme a killer beat, take your time, do your best, do not just fill in everything that is there! Pick and choose.

Time for an adventure on the Quavermusic metro! You all have full day passes to explore the world of Quaver and discover all of the music at each stop. Learn about at least two of your favorite stops and find your musical style!

Metro– Head on the metro to at least two spots that look interesting to you. Listen to what Mr. Quaver has to say and listen to the music. Click on menu and find out where you are on the map before heading back to the station!

Quaver Diploma– Pick one stop and try for a diploma at that stop by clicking on menu and book. Read about the music of that stop and answer the questions. If you get the diploma write your name on the board with the name of the stop to let your class know you got it!

Pick an instrument that would be most common in the music and write a short song about it– Head back to Quaver headquarters and hop into the studio. Pick an instrument in there that would be found a lot in the music you listened to on the metro and create a 3 measure song on that instrument. Listen to it and think, could I hear this in the music I’ve been listening to?


Oh No!!! Bernard the Turtle (one of our musical friends in my classroom) built a time machine to travel back and meet his favorite composers. He said he would be back by now but he is not! Can you follow the steps around Quavermusic so we can find him?

Phone box – In the shop you will find our time machine the phone box! Jump inside and visit a composer that is listed. Learn about that composer by listening and read about him in the book, write a fact about them on the board!. Play the puzzle before you leave!

Slide puzzles– There are composer slide puzzles hidden in the shop! Can you find one and complete it?

Carnival– Beethoven lost his hearing at an early age. Head to the ear carnival by going into the lab and clicking on the organ. Really use your ears as you play the games at the carnival.

1..2..3! 3 notes together is a chord to me! What else do you know about chords? Can you build one yourself? Can you build happy or sad chords? Follow the steps on Quavermusic.com to become a chord architect!

Find instruments in shop that have chords– There are many instruments that decorate the shop. How many can play those 3 notes at the same time? Write at least one guess on the board!

Carnival Chords– Head to the ear carnival by going to the lab and clicking the organ. Play the chord carnival game. Listen to all 3 notes the guys in the dunktank and choose the right ball. If the chord sounds happy then it must be major, sad is minor, BIG is augmented and if it sounds small it must be diminished!

QComposer– Now it’s your turn you chord architect. Head to the studio and click on the piano. Build me 4 F chords, 4 C chords, and 4 G chords using quarter notes only on the top line! Play your chords after to listen to your amazing work!

Beach Dreaming, Road Trips, and Summer Plans

I’ve got a week left and I’ll I think about is the beach, boating, swimming, gardening, and especially the open road. During the composition of this I’m getting ready to go see Dave Matthews in New York! Even though summer is a time of rest it is still a time to learn. I have a lot on my to do list, looking at grad schools, redoing my website, and coming up with new ideas for next year.
I’m a resource fiend during summer, I love to create new tools for my classroom, collect new music ideas, new lessons and activities, and new ways to look at the way I run my classroom. I like to stay motivated and excited about the upcoming year, and unlike most students, retain what I learned the previous year and make it better.

So as I come face to face with the adventure book I have entitled ‘Summer’, a little thought popped up in my head. What’s going to happen to my awesome blog I’ve been religiously posting to every friday for the past 6 months? It hit me like my 50 pound dog jumping into my lap. I want to use this blog to create a huge end of the summer project. I want to collect every resource for elementary music known to man this summer and put it into one place. Now, I’m only finishing up my 2nd year, I don’t know as much as I want, I’m still learning and think this resource would be so much more meaningful if I had a little help

So what am I going to do? I’m going to open up my blog to guest posters. Send me a short post on your most successful favorite elementary music resource and let me know whether it is instrumental/vocal/or general, how you use it and where others can learn more about it. It can be a piece of music, a book, a website, anything that is related to elementary music (Let’s say anywhere grades PreK-6). I’ll post it in a weekly series with a few other submissions put together in a little newsletter format, and if I get a good response I will compile all the submissions and post the amazing resource all over the web to share with all. Keep it between 50-350 words, short and sweet and send me more than one! The more submissions the better!

Send everything to: cedwinal@plymouth.edu

*crosses fingers* let’s see if this idea works.

Music Ed Motivation Day


  My cold appeared at the right time, right after #musedmot. Right now I’m sitting on the couch with a mouth full of vitamin C . Thank you to everyone who watched, participated, and moderated. I could not have done this without all of you. It’s such a great feeling to have an idea come to reality that was deemed so new and exciting. The whole point of today was to keep us all being the best of the best, why? because we take time to make sure we’re motivated to giving our students our best. I learned a lot from the day picking up new tech ideas, songs to teach, and making new friends to talk with. I appreciate everyone who took time to sit down at the computer yesterday to chat. I started my stint at the computer at about 10:30am and didn’t leave my creepy basement studio until 10pm clad in a newly tea stained shirt (my tea attacked me during cocktail hour) and my awesome kilt (When Richard McCready sports the bowtie I wear the kilt!). Everything tech wise went almost completely according to plan. A couple snafoos with G+ went on but that was of course anticipated because of how new it was to so many people. Twitter chats of course died down when G+ started too. It was learning experience, I took notes though, not to worry! 

       So as I clear out the schedule from yesterday on the page take time to think, did I get motivated after talking with my peers? Am I on that conference high? Let me know if it was a positive experience. Even though I might be clearing out the page I’m still leaving it up. We’re going to do this again and next time it’s going to be even better. So keep an eye out on http://www.cdwinal.com/musicedmotivationday.htm , and check out the archives from the event here: http://wp.me/pHofe-61 . Email, tweet, facebook, plurk, G+, comment here, let me know how we can make it better! 

       Again, thank you to everyone who had a hand in this and thank you to Quaver Music (quavermusic.com/preview) who let me give away a free Quaver Music DVD in our General Music Hangout! Even though I feel like I’ve been run over by a dump truck I’m still gleaming with pride about this event!


Tweet Archive and Google Hangouts from #musedmot

Musedmot graphic

Thank you to everyone who joined in today!! I’m going to get off the computer for tonight but will blog a reflection tomorrow. Here are allll the things from Twitter and G+ today! ~Catie

General Music- http://youtu.be/wPnXtKAoXaE  (Thank you to Quaver Music for the DVD give a way! Visit quavermusic.com/preview for more about Quaver!)

Instrumental Ensembles- http://youtu.be/nS63easE_Jg

Vocal Ensembles- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpq91CNeuCw

Technology- http://youtu.be/wQZke5ztlm8

Early Childhood- Was not recorded, but was a fantastic chat!

Jazz- http://youtu.be/O1qcf3sUoq8

Final Thought- http://youtu.be/U6wunjEpqWs


Twitter Archive from End to Beginning!!

pisanojm @shawdave Totally enjoyed your input and comments!  Thanks!  #musedchat #musedmot
musiccargirl14 RT @pisanojm: #musedmot Incredible!  The Jazz Session was fantastic! #musedchat
pisanojm #musedmot Incredible!  The Jazz Session was fantastic! #musedchat
macsmom @awillis2 Here is link to Rae Pica: http://t.co/wmMoNZSJ #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @macsmom thank you! #musedmot
musiccargirl14 RT @macsmom: @musiccargirl14 Here is link to Rae Pica: http://t.co/wmMoNZSJ #musedmot
macsmom @musiccargirl14 Here is link to Rae Pica: http://t.co/wmMoNZSJ #musedmot
musiccargirl14 If anyone is still kicking around #musedmot on twitter, feel free to leave feedback about today. Help me make #musedmot better!
musiccargirl14 *i think I got the right link #musedmot
musiccargirl14 Jamie Aebersold publications http://t.co/ZxuoxZdN I got the right link) #musedmot
musiccargirl14 Setting out from 9pm on for anyone who wants to give feed back on #musedmot I think this will happen again,let me know how to make it better
heistes Watching @pisanojm  #musedmot google hangout on Jazz!! Last google hangout of the day!
musiccargirl14 cle.nr a youtube cleaner tool to block out everything but the video #musedmot
musiccargirl14 http://t.co/pdZMqIUg , block out everything on YouTube except for the video #musedmot
musiccargirl14 http://t.co/ImVvigWV -Joe’s YouTube lists for teaching Jazz! #musedmot
musiccargirl14 Talking about how many of our younger kids are going to be tech savvy in 5yrs #musedmot
musiccargirl14 Guided music and non guided is a good mix for early childhood to get them imagining #musedmot
pisanojm #musedchat #musedmot Great session going on by Amy Burns on Early Childhood right now on G+ Hangout: http://t.co/OrkHLLwU
musiccargirl14 Amy Burns is moderating the Early Childhood Music Hangout starting in 3 minutes! Come join in! https://t.co/gOFlrscC #musedmot
musiccargirl14 There are new resources all the time coming up all the time it’s time to show it off to everybody #musedmot
debwhite RT @pisanojm: Reminder about our #musedmot about Jazz and Improvisation… Anything Jazz really… 🙂 8:30 Eastern.  Hangout on G+ #musedchat
heistes As someone who has long-term subbed & is looking for a full-time job social media & #musedchat has been an invaluable resource #musedmot
musiccargirl14 We are connecting on facebook, we are connecting on G+, twitter..join the revolution and be motivated #musedmot
musiccargirl14 Biggest resource you can use for free PD is social media. I don’t think I would have become the educator I am without it #musedmot
musiccargirl14 Biggest thing is anything from #musedchat, Monday nights at 8pm est. we talk about everything #musedmot
musiccargirl14 Resource super session stuff to help your learning yourself #musedmot
macsmom Stressing about participating in a #musedmot Google + hangout with no experience in same! #TooOld
musiccargirl14 Tech hangout on G+ in 5 minutes! https://t.co/1e3TC4UB post on Richard’s wall for a hangout invite! #musedmot
Zweibz7 RT @pisanojm: Reminder about our #musedmot about Jazz and Improvisation… Anything Jazz really… 🙂 8:30 Eastern.  Hangout on G+ #musedchat
musiccargirl14 RT @pisanojm: Reminder about our #musedmot about Jazz and Improvisation… Anything Jazz really… 🙂 8:30 Eastern.  Hangout on G+ #musedchat
musiccargirl14 @PFPiedPiper too true! I love how excited the Ss get before a performance #musedmot
pisanojm Reminder about our #musedmot about Jazz and Improvisation… Anything Jazz really… 🙂 8:30 Eastern.  Hangout on G+ #musedchat
musiccargirl14 I also am making myself keep up with the blog over the summer and will start looking more closely at grad programs #musedmot
musiccargirl14 I stay in with live music during the summer by working at a local concert venue as well #musedmot
musiccargirl14 Check out @NAfME ‘s website for others. I love to follow #musedchat because the bookclub that is going on Monday nights 8pm est! #musedmot
musiccargirl14 Some National PD going on, #MEW2012, Will Schmid World Drumming, just to name a few #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @musiced20 have fun! #musedmot
musiced20 @musiccargirl14 Going off to a pig roast for a bit. Hope to drop back in later.  #musedmot
musiccargirl14 Ok “Relaxing ways to stay learning over the summer” I just signed up for one of my district’s summer learning instritutes #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @musiced20 Glad you enjoyed it! thank you so much for moderating!! #musedmot
musiccargirl14 Next Twitter Topic “Relaxing Ways to Stay Learning over the Summer” Workshops, books, activities you do. 6pm est! #musedmot
musiccargirl14 Just Andy, Sam and I in the vocal ensemble https://t.co/pBFu8565 post int in the video comments and I’ll add you in! #musedmot
Zweibz7 RT @musiced20: Ok, so that was kinda fun! #musedmot
elmccully Still new to google+ hangouts – failing at watching the vocal ensemble one. #musedmot #technicaldifficulties
musiced20 Ok, so that was kinda fun! #musedmot
musiccargirl14 Vocal Ensemble Chat happening now! It’s just me and Sam Join in! https://t.co/pBFu8565  #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @elmccully It’s on Sam Prindiville’s page https://t.co/pBFu8565 #musedmot
musiccargirl14 Gonna end this twitter chat now, lots of google + stuff going on! I’ll be back at 6! #musedmot
musiccargirl14 RT @elmccully: Oh, I have a great one! #musedmot I work with ms boys with changing voices and needed a role model. Found one on youtube for boys to use!
elmccully I just hope they actually go to the links over the summer and watch and practice?! #musedmot
musiccargirl14 I also use YouTube ‘s private video feature to store videos on my account as well #musedmot
elmccully Oh, I have a great one! #musedmot I work with ms boys with changing voices and needed a role model. Found one on youtube for boys to use!
QuaverMusic RT @musiccargirl14: Winner of the @QuaverMusic DVD is @loudguyrickyb ! Go General Music! #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @elmccully that is awesome!! #musedmot
musiccargirl14 I also have songs from music k8 for Ss to move too #musedmot
musicandalatte The instrumental teachers use YouTube to help teach techniques on how to play their instruments properly #musedmot
musicandalatte @musiccargirl14 I LOVEEEEE this chorus! If I showed this to my chorus, they would want to do ALL their songs, though… #musedmot
musicandalatte This sort of has to do with YouTube; if you want to convert a YouTube vid. to a normal movie file, use this http://t.co/aKvKU2yO #musedmot
musiccargirl14 Ps22 chorus is great to inspire Ss for choir #musedmot
musiccargirl14 Great ideas! I have playlists setup for different lessons #musedmot
musicandalatte (cont) kids write what they hear; the kids write positive feedback and ways to improve the technique for their own choir #musedmot
musicandalatte I have the kids watch different videos of choirs performing the songs they sing; #musedmot
MusicHeather @musiccargirl14 Instrumental flash mob, pop bands with a positive message, outstanding school bands, etc. #musedmot
MusicHeather @musiccargirl14 I pull up examples of good playing as well as just plain entertaining music examples #musedmot
musiccargirl14 Alright “How do you use YouTube in your lessons?” aaanndd go! #musedmot
macsmom RT @musiccargirl14: Winner of the @QuaverMusic DVD is @loudguyrickyb ! Go General Music! #musedmot
musiccargirl14 Winner of the @QuaverMusic DVD is @loudguyrickyb ! Go General Music! #musedmot
musiccargirl14 Short Twitter chat in 15 min, “Using YouTube to coordinate lesson plans” How do you use you tube in lessons? #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @MusicHeather oke doke! that’s fine, I’m currently wearing a kilt, we’re all doing fun stuff lol #musedmot
musiced20 RT @musiccargirl14: Instrument Ensemble Hangout starting in 5 minutes #musedmot
musiccargirl14 Instrument Ensemble Hangout starting in 5 minutes #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @MusicHeather aaanndd now it’s on my shirt! #musedmot
MusicHeather @musiccargirl14 where are the virtual cocktails? 🙂 #musedmot
BandGirlSmith Now I understand the use of Google+ …professional learning hangouts!!! First REAL use of G+ on this end #musedmot
musicandalatte @anthcao 🙂 I totally agree with that.  #musedmot
anthcao @musicandalatte Definitely. I was just pointing out when concert themes might not be the best educationally. #musedmot
BandGirlSmith #musedmot Listening in on the General Music Hangout…
musiccargirl14 It’s cocktail hour on twitter! Come watch the general music hangout or talk to new friends on here! #musedmot
musicandalatte @musiced20 That’s a sweet idea 🙂 Haha, literally AND figuratively!  #musedmot
musiced20 @musicandalatte We have had a dessert reception afterward so that the parents get to know each other. Haven’t done it lately. #musedmot
heistes Love watching the general music hangout on air! So many wonderful resources!  #musedmot
musiced20 Just dipped into the OnAir general music hangout. How cool is that!! #musedmot
musicandalatte What do you do after a concert? Do you have a celebration, a ceremony, etc.?
musiccargirl14 @MusicHeather I see you! #musedmot
MusicHeather @musiccargirl14 I am there 🙂 #musedmot
musiccargirl14 General Music hangout on right now! Come join! #musedmot
musiced20 @BandGirlSmith Ours too! #musedmot
elmccully RT @musiced20: @musicandalatte Thanks! Even young kids know the difference between a good and bad performance. #musedmot
BandGirlSmith @musiced20 We use that, too…and now the kids have started finding their own Youtubes to show of our songs #musedmot
heistes @musiced20 Such a great idea!  #musedmot
musiced20 @musicandalatte Thanks! Even young kids know the difference between a good and bad performance. #musedmot
musicandalatte @musiced20 That is SUCH an awesome idea! Favoriting that one 🙂  #musedmot
musiced20 @musiccargirl14 We listen to a song on YouTube, a great version and a not so great version. Talk about playing notes vs. music #musedmot
musicandalatte @elmccully I totally hashtagged the wrong person! Tech issues stink; luckily I have the ultimate guru @musiccargirl14 next to me #musedmot
musiccargirl14 How do you get Ss excited right before a concert about music they have been playing or singing for the past few months? #musedmot
Zweibz7 Going to run out and grab some food before the Instrumental Music session in an hour! #musedmot
elmccully @musicandalatte sweet! Sorry if I posted that a million times. Tech issues #musedmot
heistes RT @musicandalatte: I give a presentation on concert etiquette and usually quiz them on it and have them practice it, too. #musedmot
musicandalatte @elmccully I don’t, not on me; I will post it on my twitter feed when I do have it on me! #musedmot
musiccargirl14 General Music Hangout Starts in 5 minutes! #musedmot https://t.co/eWOyQ2X9
elmccully @musicandalatte any way you have a copy of either one of those you could share? #musedmot
MusicHeather @Zweibz7 @musiccargirl14 After school does not work well for my district (low SES and parent support) #musedmot
elmccully @Zweibz7 awesome! #musedmot
MusicHeather @musiccargirl14 I schedule full rehearsals once per month during school; teachers are  supportive with lots of notice #musedmot
musicandalatte I give a presentation on concert etiquette and usually quiz them on it and have them practice it, too. #musedmot
Zweibz7 @elmccully yup. After school rehearsals existed before I arrived. Kids are super motivated, so it’s rarely a problem! #lucky #musedmot
elmccully @Zweibz7 #musedmot do you also rehearse during school day?
musiccargirl14 @elmccully yikes! hard to make those decisions I use to do that as a student 😦 #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @Zweibz7 great idea! #musedmot
elmccully Hard to do with sports practices. headache! RT @musiccargirl14: Scheduling extra practices before a show? who does it hard to do? #musedmot
Zweibz7 @musiccargirl14 we have regular after-school rehearsals 2x a week. Try to not add more, but if need be I just extend the length #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @MusicHeather love it! great attandance motivator! #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @elmccully The parents wanted to shoot me the teachers just burst out laughing #musedmot
musiccargirl14 Scheduling extra practices before a show? who does it? hard to do? #musedmot
elmccully BEST IDEA EVER!!! RT @musiccargirl14: @elmccully they made a mess in my room and I sent them back to teachers all high on sugar #musedmot
MusicHeather @musiccargirl14 we have cupcakes after every performance, and they have to attend the performance to get one! #musedmot
elmccully I need to try this! MT @MusicHeather: If I have a challenging piece, I set up a quiz “schedule”, break it into sections #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @elmccully they made a mess in my room and I sent them back to teachers all high on sugar #musedmot
musicandalatte @elmccully How ingenious!  #musedmot
elmccully @musicandalatte #musedmot ha! 2 grps-whoever writes 1st verse correctly first, etc. also fill-in-the-blank and which verse comes next
MusicHeather If I have a particularly challenging piece, I set up a quiz “schedule” and break it into sections #musedmot
elmccully Never underestimate the pwr of food! MT @musiccargirl14: This year I promised cookies and juice after our concert #musedmot
elmccully #musedmot yes, recording is a fantastic way of helping my ms Ss hear what they need to fix! A kick in the pants sometimes. 🙂
musicandalatte @elmccully How do you make it into a game? In 140 characters or less, of course.  #musedmot
musiccargirl14 This year I promised cookies and juice after our concert and my Ss did wonderful #musedmot
elmccully @musicandalatte #musedmot they complain, but I know it helps! I also sometimes make it a game.
Zweibz7 I record my bands a LOT so that they can hear themselves. Helps motivate them to work hard to prepare for a great performance! #musedmot
musicandalatte @elmccully That’s SUCH a great idea! I am planning on doing that with my kids next week 🙂  #musedmot
elmccully #musedmot a week before the concert I make them write the lyrics to the songs. (not all on same day though)
musicandalatte As a motivator, I always have a dance party right before the kids go on stage; totally gives a spurt of energy! #musedmot
musiccargirl14 Alright next topic! “How to Prepare your Students for a Concert” aannnddd go! #musedmot
elmccully Yes! @loudguyrickyb: @anthcao  #musedmot
musiccargirl14 Great talk all! 5 minute break and back for “How to Prepare your Ss for a concert” #musedmot
loudguyrickyb @musicandalatte For me it’s showing selected music elements I am teaching them. Difficulty counts, but the teaching is more. #musedmot
loudguyrickyb @anthcao @elmccully Why not do a Bach piece for a certain event and work on it in small doses throughout the year? #musedmot
elmccully #musedmot I have a bin full of music possibilities for next year but I don’t know about where my boys’ voices will be for my mixed group!
elmccully @musicandalatte thanks! 🙂 It’s nice to hear encouragement this time of year! #musedmot
musicandalatte @anthcao I agree, that’s just tough to swallow, but Bach in small doses works for me #musedmot
elmccully @musicandalatte awesome! #musedmot
musicandalatte @elmccully That is a great idea to begin their choral experience 🙂  #musedmot
anthcao @elmccully Also depends on what can sustain their interest. My kids appreciate classical, but all Bach for 3 months… Bad theme. #musedmot
musicandalatte @elmccully At my school,our 3rd period is designated for band/chorus;  6th/7th graders get music for one semester each year #musedmot
elmccully @musicandalatte #musedmot I always look first at the type of harmony – I like to start the year with partner songs and rounds- then ranges
elmccully @musicandalatte #musedmot Yes – they go to keyboarding, careers, Spanish, art, etc for the rest of the year.
musiccargirl14 @heistes of course! #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @elmccully no problem! All these tweets will be archived from today as well 🙂 #musedmot
musicandalatte What is the most important aspect for picking repertoire? Is it the difficulty? Connection?  #musedmot
elmccully @musiccargirl14 awesome! So many great resources! #musedmot
loudguyrickyb @elmccully @musicandalatte Neat idea!!! #musedmot
musicandalatte @elmccully That seems a little tight for time 😦 #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @elmccully http://t.co/uinH5RmR we did “Sing Me a Story” this year all about fairy tales! #musedmot
musicandalatte @elmccully http://t.co/AvNsm06U SUCH a good song to use for Solfege #musedmot
elmccully Awesome! MT @musicandalatte: I did a Dancin’ Through The Decades concert with ES and then hosted a dance for them  #musedmot
elmccully @musicandalatte #musedmot it’s chorus – I use the time to introduce them to the “chorus” model and get them solfeging and takadimi-ing
musicandalatte I did a Dancin’ Through The Decades concert with ES and then hosted a dance for them so they could enjoy music from all decades #musedmot
elmccully Totally depends on what the kids can do, right? RT @anthcao Other times, I focus on wide variety first. #musedmot
musiccargirl14 General music shows are the easiest to theme, my first chorus program this year was just entitled “Pop!” #musedmot
elmccully Cool! Example? RT @musiccargirl14: @elmccully I like story or reading themes myself 🙂 #musedmot
musicandalatte @elmccully 9 weeks? Rough; is it general music? #musedmot
anthcao @elmccully Once in a while, a theme just works. Other times, I focus on wide variety first. #musedmot
elmccully @musicandalatte that’s really cute! If I had 6th graders all year instead of just 9 weeks I would try something like that! #musedmot
musiced20 RT @musicandalatte: @elmccully http://t.co/res3wcbZ I loved this book and it worked really well for my elementary kids! #musedmot
musicandalatte @elmccully http://t.co/ePsUH3TR I loved this book and it worked really well for my elementary kids! #musedmot
musiced20 @elmccully I agree! WI’s isn’t too bad, but I also look at the TX UIL list and I hear NY’s list is pretty comprehensive. #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @anthcao I don’t right now, we just finished up our first year as a group. Might be doing some next year though! #musedmot
elmccully @musiced20 #musedmot our list in nc for ms is pretty limited. I can barely stick with it for competition!
musicandalatte I love JWP, but I wish they had more examples of what songs sound like…it’s hard to just guess what the piece will sound like  #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @elmccully I like story or reading themes myself 🙂 #musedmot
loudguyrickyb @brandtschneider That’s a good idea. Sometimes, though, a store isn’t in range. #musedmot
elmccully #musedmot someone said something about themes – I know lots do concerts w themes but I can never find enough music. Just winter theme in dec
anthcao .@musiccargirl14 Do you do any of your own arranging of pop for your choir? Takes more time but gives you more options. #musedmot
musiced20 Do any of you use state contest lists to look for rep for non-contest concerts?  #musedmot
MusicHeather @brandtschneider I often use JWP to research and look/listen, the order through my local for the discount #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @loudguyrickyb lol sounds good to me! #musedmot
loudguyrickyb @musiccargirl14 Awesome. I’ll be in touch. I need to remember my Skype name. Been awhile. LOL #musedmot
brandtschneider I prefer to order new sheet music from my local store.  Builds a relationship that is often useful. use jwpepper for emergencies #musedmot
loudguyrickyb @musicandalatte That is awesome! Especially given the studies that show language is better at a younger age. #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @anthcao too true, I find the JWpepper has a lot of good arrangements especially for my new choir #musedmot
anthcao @musiccargirl14 I think including modern pop is important to be relevant. So many arrangements are done poorly, though. #musedmot
musiccargirl14 RT @musicandalatte: I also teach songs in the different languages that they will learn in middle school/high school #musedmot
musicandalatte I also teach songs in the different languages that they will learn in middle school/high school #musedmot
Zweibz7 @loudguyrickyb thanks! I’ll let you know if I need the extra hand 😉 @musiccargirl14 #musedmot
loudguyrickyb @Zweibz7 @musiccargirl14 I can do that for a good price! 😉 #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @loudguyrickyb very cool! Skype name is musiccargirl14! I have it readily available  #musedmot
Zweibz7 @loudguyrickyb @musiccargirl14 re-writing parts may become a big part of the next year or so! #musedmot
loudguyrickyb @musiccargirl14 Perfect! We’re going to Skype in his HS Civil War groups. Might try to get the Wildcat Regiment too. #musedmot
richardmccready @loudguyrickyb and @zweibz7 are the first lucky winners. Seven more slots available for Music Tech hangout at 6:30. #musedmot
loudguyrickyb @musiccargirl14 @Zweibz7 I had a colleague who had those could play them do so, and the rest play a simplified version. #musedmot
Zweibz7 @musiced20 @musiccargirl14 possibility… I have a few strong flute players, too. Just a very young Clarinet section #musedmot
musiced20 @musiccargirl14 @Zweibz7 Anyone who can play sop. sax to help them out? #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @loudguyrickyb lol, I have skype readily available! #musedmot
loudguyrickyb @musiccargirl14 Too bad you don’t get down to Texas. I’d use you. 🙂 #musedmot
musiced20 RT @loudguyrickyb: @musiced20 Im excited about it. Shes letting me build a tubulum! 🙂 #musedmot
Zweibz7 @palmerjosh Music Ed Motivation day (organized by @musiccargirl14). Check it out at  http://t.co/KLg4DuaM #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @Zweibz7 oooo, change the part? they can hold out whole notes? #musedmot
loudguyrickyb @musiced20 I’m excited about it. She’s letting me build a tubulum! 🙂 #musedmot
richardmccready Free admission to the first 9 music educators to sign up for my Music Tech hangout (6:30). DM me or sign up on my Google+ page. #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @loudguyrickyb eh, I still do demos, it’s fun to teach it! #musedmot
loudguyrickyb @MusicHeather Sometimes I do. I don’t like to do it all the time b/c I’m afraid it gets stale. #musedmot
Zweibz7 @musiccargirl14 my clarinets can’t handle the runs!!! #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @loudguyrickyb go Elem. General!! #musedmot @musiced20
loudguyrickyb @musicandalatte @musiccargirl14 Ah, so still stuff I could get out of it. Sweet. #musedmot
loudguyrickyb @musiccargirl14 Ugh. That stinks. #musedmot
MusicHeather Do any of you program music on “themes?” #musedmot
musiced20 @loudguyrickyb Sounds awesome! #musedmot
loudguyrickyb @musiced20 It will be my first year of Elem. Gen. with strong performance tradition. VERY supportive principal. #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @Zweibz7 Tribute to Sousa! #musedmot
musicandalatte @loudguyrickyb @musiccargirl14 it’s for older kids, but there are songs from the show written as choral music http://t.co/JG0XPQg7 #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @loudguyrickyb many groups like to stick true to history, not a lot of woman fifers so not a lot of gigs. Still have my colors! #musedmot
Zweibz7 Splitting my attention between #musedmot and ‘Canes baseball on this Saturday afternoon. #gocanes #beatmissouristate #musiced #musedchat
musiccargirl14 @MusicHeather That is true! me too but of course when budget stuff comes out my brain starts reeling #musedmot
loudguyrickyb @musiccargirl14 Seriously? Wow! Why ‘former’? 🙂 #musedmot
Zweibz7 Next year should be interesting for my bands… a strong brass section with weaker woodwinds will make programming a challenge! #musedmot
musiced20 @loudguyrickyb Do you do band, choir or orch? I did “Gettysburg” with my 6th grade band a few years ago. #musedmot
loudguyrickyb @musicandalatte @musiccargirl14 Will do! Age range? I’ve got younger kids. #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @loudguyrickyb I’m a former Civil War reenactor! #musedmot
musicandalatte @loudguyrickyb @musiccargirl14 Check out “The Civil War” musical…some great music there! #musedmot
musiccargirl14 I try to teach at least 2 newer songs to my chorus a year, Fireflies is on the list! #musedmot
MusicHeather @musiccargirl14 I think about selections for next year, however I wait until I have Ss & instruments in front of me #musedmot
loudguyrickyb @musiccargirl14 I am looking into Civil War songs. A colleague does presentations on Civil War music. #musedmot
Zweibz7 Not yet, but soon. That’s one of my summer plans… RT @musiccargirl14: Anybody thinking about songs for next year? #musedmot
musiccargirl14 Anybody thinking about songs for next year? #musedmot
loudguyrickyb @musicandalatte That is the quandary, isn’t it….. :/ #musedmot
musiccargirl14 I’m a big JWpepper fan too, did Sing me a Story and Barnyard Musical this year and all of my choral music for this year! #musedmot
musicandalatte Find songs that have purpose; I teach MS chorus and if you’re unable to make it relevant to them, they won’t feel the connection #musedmot
Zweibz7 I use @jwpepper almost exclusively for my music needs. They’re affordable, fast, and easy. Only go elsewhere if I need to! #musedmot
musiced20 @musicandalatte Everyone’s situation is so different, and I’m glad you’ve found a way that works for you! 🙂 #musedmot
loudguyrickyb @musiccargirl14 I have no loyalty to any company. I’m as liable to write it myself if I don’t find what I want. #musedmot
musicandalatte Jwpepper…see if you can go through a music store to purchase their music; they sometimes offer discounts! #musedmot
musicandalatte @musiced20 I feel that if parents want to talk, they’ll come see me; glad I am not the only one who feels this way 🙂 #musedmot
musiccargirl14 Alright! Sam is making me laugh really hard right now, “Choosing rep for next year?” Who do you use? What songs were you thinking? #musedmot
loudguyrickyb @musicandalatte Awesome! #musedmot
musiccargirl14 That might be the end of our”How to interact with parents session”quick break and join in in 10 min. “Choosing Rep. for next year” #musedmot
musicandalatte @loudguyrickyb it does work really well for me that way; or I call parents who don’t have e-mail. They appreciate either gesture #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @loudguyrickyb lol! That works for me too #musedmot
musiccargirl14 I did have 1 parent come up after a concert this year and say how much her Ss loved me and I made him love school #motivated #musedmot
musiced20 @musicandalatte I agree that the concerts are completely about the kids. Afterward, when I chat with parents, it’s about the kids. #musedmot
loudguyrickyb @musicandalatte So you are just doing it in a different way. Does it seem to work well for you? #musedmot
Zweibz7 Thinking I’m going to hop on a G+ hangout while I follow the #musedmot stream (until the organized hangouts start)…
loudguyrickyb @musiccargirl14 LOL! I’ve found ice cream works well! 🙂 #musedmot
musiccargirl14 Ladies and gentlemen!  @musicandalatte is here with me! No really she’s sitting right next to me, check out her Hangout at 530! #musedmot
Zweibz7 Fundraisers, Field Trips, etc RT @musiccargirl14: Other than concerts and festivals what else do you like to notify parents about? #musedmot
loudguyrickyb @musiccargirl14 When I was teaching band I would post stuff about instrument care, practice habits, and band-related links. #musedmot
musicandalatte I mean, I feel the concert is about the kids; I e-mail the parents after the concert to tell them how proud I am of them, etc. #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @loudguyrickyb lol! should treat her out to dinner after 😉 #musedmot
loudguyrickyb @musiccargirl14 My wife gets mad b/c I’m always the last to leave. LOL #musedmot
musiccargirl14 Other than concerts and festivals what else do you like to notify parents about? #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @Zweibz7 awesome! I sit on the risers sometimes and just talk 🙂 #musedmot
musiced20 Making those personal connections when they see the fruits of their practicing gives them something to hang on to. Relationships! #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @musiced20 I love to too, sometimes I’ll sit on the risers and just talk #musedmot
musicandalatte I don’t…I find that if they want to come find me, they will; the concerts are mainly for the kids #musedmot
musiced20 @musiccargirl14 I think chatting with parents after a concert is one of the best connections you can make.  #musedmot
Zweibz7 @musiccargirl14 I make it a point to go chat with as many parents as I can after each concert #musedmot
Zweibz7 @loudguyrickyb http://t.co/ZjLV2PHN – also @SouthDadeBand on Twitter 🙂 #musedmot
loudguyrickyb @musiccargirl14 Absolutely! It’s the best way to network and develop support. #musedmot
loudguyrickyb @Zweibz7 Post a link? #musedmot
musiccargirl14 Does anyone take time to chat with parents after concerts? #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @Zweibz7 very cool! #musedmot
Zweibz7 @musiccargirl14 they’re glad their kids are staying informed… And many parents like the page too! #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @loudguyrickyb too true, I do have a wiki page that gets some action #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @Zweibz7 getting a lot of good feedback from parents? #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @loudguyrickyb Earlier this year, luckily I teach General Music K-5 so I can just post stuff on school website #musedmot
Zweibz7 Getting set up for an afternoon of #musedmot
Zweibz7 Yes! It’s working great! RT @musiccargirl14: Anyone using FB pages sucessfully already for programs? #musedmot
musiced20 @musiccargirl14 Our school has a very comprehensive filter, but the teachers can log in and override almost all that’s blocked. #musedmot
musiccargirl14 brb, I think one of my Moderators has arrived! #musedmot
musiccargirl14 Anyone using FB pages sucessfully already for programs? #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @loudguyrickyb too true! don’t forget to add #musedmot tag at end of tweets!
musiccargirl14 @musiced20 that’s really awesome to hear, it was misued in our district by teachers so they blocked it 😦 #musedmot
musiced20 @musiccargirl14 Our school and a couple of school-related organizations already have pages, so I think FB could work for us. #musedmot
musiccargirl14 Admin do get queasy at a FB but I think a lot of admin are starting to realize too that it can be useful if used correctly! 🙂 #musedmot
musiccargirl14 “@kevindengel: @musiccargirl14 @loudguyrickyb one of my colleagues uses this https://t.co/eEezSgfU”  that looks useful, saving it! #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @musiced20 ah, maybe a facebook page might work out just as well? #musedmot
musiccargirl14 “@loudguyrickyb: Since not all parents have email, a cell phone text group can work for emergencies. #musedmot”  what did you use for that?
musiced20 @musiccargirl14 I think it was. We changed head directors this year, so it didn’t continue. #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @musiced20 Was the email well recieved? did a lot of parents read it? #musedmot
musiccargirl14 RT @musiced20: Last year we sent a weekly mass email to the parents with the upcoming week’s events and news.  #musedmot
musiccargirl14 RT @musiced20: Next year might be Facebook page and/or blog. #musedmot
musiced20 Next year might be Facebook page and/or blog. #musedmot
musiced20 Last year we sent a weekly mass email to the parents with the upcoming week’s events and news.  #musedmot
musiced20 @musiccargirl14 I have 1 that we did last year, and 1 we might do next year…. #musedmot
musiccargirl14 A user submitted topic “How do you interact with parents?” What are ways to keep them up to date on events, and their Ss? #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @loudguyrickyb I like http://t.co/ljjNG7wG, it will prompt you to sign in with your twitter log in and then you search for the #musedmot
musiccargirl14 10 minutes- How to interact with Parents (#musedmot attendee topic submission)
musiccargirl14 Did I mention I’m archiving all of the tweets from today? 😀 in 20 min. Twitter Chat, How to interact with Parents! #musedmot
musiccargirl14 Food, considering donning the kilt for the hangouts at 3:30pm #musedmot
musiced20 A break in the action here means a shower for me. Hooray! 🙂 #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @musiced20 my glorious Apple TV,I’m the only one in my district who knows how to use it ( tech guys don’t even understand it yet) #musedmot
musiced20 @musiccargirl14 What are you piloting? #musedmot
musiccargirl14 Technically the resource session has ended but I left this hr open for those who are hungry or those who want to keep chatting! #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @heistes love that idea! I made magnets for my Ss for musical terms #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @pisanojm I’m piloting one for my district. It’s amazing! (still need sound though lol) #musedmot
MusicHeather And thus it is noon. Great chat, see you all later! I have to go tend to my children 🙂 #musedmot
musiccargirl14 Yay Thanks Joe!! “@pisanojm: I’ve finally mobilized for #musedmot   See my post here: http://t.co/lPZWrHpl  #musedchat #musiced #fb”
MusicHeather @MsEstep I also pull ideas from that book, got free teacher & student copies a few years ago #musedmot
MsEstep @musiccargirl14 Music: It’s role & importance in our lives. It’s HS #musedmot don’t remember from my elementary years.
musiccargirl14 @MusicHeather I find that a lot with mycollegues but my district knows how much of a tech I am andgive me a lot of toys to try lol #musedmot
heistes @musiccargirl14  i did a similar thing with using cubes. I would switch out the notes, rests,musical terms depending on the lesson #musedmot
musiced20 @kevindengel Who says I don’t? 🙂 Just better PD on social media than those silly inservices…. 🙂 Join us! #musedmot
pisanojm I’ve finally mobilized for #musedmot   See my post here: http://t.co/xkSLDM26  #musedchat #musiced #fb
MusicHeather @musiccargirl14 I love that! I have a beach ball with rhythms on it, including “improv” space #musedmot
heistes @MsEstep @musiccargirl @MusicHeather when I long-term subbed I used them to just pull ideas,but I didn’t use the ss books in class #musedmot
MusicHeather #musedmot Do you find that mused teachers are the last to receive school-supplied tech?
musiccargirl14 @MsEstep What’s the series you use? #musedmot
musiccargirl14 Any fav teacher trinkets used to teach lessons? I’m created a soccerball with notes and rests on it to throw at my Ss to teach #musedmot
heistes @MusicHeather the one co-op love it & used it almost every class  . The other one only used it as a supplemental #musedmot
MusicHeather @heistes Not a bad series, some good ideas to pull from there #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @heistes thank you 🙂 #musedmot
heistes @musiccargirl14 it was spotlight on music #musedmot
musiccargirl14 RT @musiced20: Where else can you get great PD in your jammies but social media? Join us today for #musedmot http://t.co/s5ffFhaG
MusicHeather @heistes Do they like (and actually use every class) the books? Which series is it? #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @heistes Do you remember the name of the series? #musedmot
musiced20 Where else can you get great PD in your jammies but social media? Join us today for #musedmot http://t.co/s5ffFhaG
heistes @MusicHeather @musiccargirl Both of my elem. music co-ops were required to still use textbooks. They had just got a new series #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @MusicHeather that is a really good question, I wonderhow many music educators still even own a set #musedmot
musiccargirl14 RT @MusicHeather: Anyone use “textbooks?” #musedmot
MusicHeather @musiccargirl14 I do not use textbooks, except for getting ideas. Am curious how many museducators still use or are required to #musedmot
musiccargirl14 I use Audacity for editing a lot of songs, have a lot of requests for pop songs got to edit out some of the words #musedmot
musiced20 @MusicHeather @MrAhrens I travel to 8 different schools in a week. The iPad is just easier. I love Audacity. #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @MusicHeather my collegue at the other elem school does, I’m not too keen on what she has though. Do you use them? #musedmot
MusicHeather Anyone use “textbooks?” #musedmot
musiccargirl14 Songify is my fav recording app, can’t go wrong with auto tuning and K Ss lol #musedmot
MusicHeather @MrAhrens I have also used Audacity, just downloaded WavePad, great question #musedmot
MrAhrens @musiced20 gotcha. Out of my realm  #musedmot
MusicHeather @musiced20 Interview adults about fav music genre and create comparison (student fav) posters #musedmot
musiced20 @MusicHeather That’s always a good one! I’m always looking for 1 class period kinds of things like Junk Band. #musedmot
MusicHeather @musiced20 Junk Band is always a winner, give groups a bag of junk (bottles, tubes, sticks, etc.) and some guidelines #musedmot
musiced20 @MrAhrens Audacity is computer based. WavePad is an iPad app. Similar but not as many functions as Audacity. #musedmot
MrAhrens I use Audacity. Never seen WavePad. How do they compare? #MusEdMot
MusicHeather @musiccargirl14 I noticed the giveaway, not sure if I’m available at that time #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @MusicHeather best program I’ve ever used, and amazing company,giving away a free Quaver DVD at our General Music hangout at 3:30! #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @musiced20 have my K classes be able to read right alone with me #musedmot
musiced20 @MusicHeather What are some of your faves for low tech things? I’m a MS band dir. but I go out to the Elem. to do projects some. #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @musiced20 we’ll do GB or Madpad with it to record. My Apple TV displays everything. It’s great to put a book up on the board and #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @musiced20 Simon the Cat which the mostly do in center. My Ipad I have recorder play along apps, interactive books, and sometimes #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @musiced20 I have 4 Ipads in my classroom including mine. 3 of them the Ss use for GB, and other apps including Songify and #musedmot
MusicHeather @musiccargirl14 my colleague is *hopefully* getting Quaver to use next year #musedmot
MusicHeather #musedmot Sometimes low- or no-tech is awesome, hands-on activities like Junk Band and music experiments
musiced20 @musiccargirl14 How do you use your iPad? What are the ways you use the Apple TV with it? #musedmot
musiced20 RT @musiccargirl14: Ipad and Quavermusic for me! Still learning and still trying to come up with more and more to use #musedmot
musiccargirl14 Ipad and Quavermusic for me! Still learning and still trying to come up with more and more to use #musedmot
musiccargirl14 RT @musiced20: I think the iPad and SmartMusic are the 2 best things I’ve started really using this year in my teaching. #musedmot
musiced20 I think the iPad and SmartMusic are the 2 best things I’ve started really using this year in my teaching. #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @MusicHeather lol at least I know I’m not alone! hehe #musedmot
MusicHeather @musiced20 the hard part is having time to experiment with the tech #musedmot I took my slate home for a weekend to mess with it
musiccargirl14 @musiced20 @MusicHeather that’s cool, I’ve never heard of a Sympodium before #musedmot
MusicHeather @musiccargirl14 been there, done that, too 🙂 just got the slate in Sept, only discovered 20% of ability #musedmot
musiced20 @MusicHeather It’s the SmartBoard equivalent of your slate. #musedmot
MusicHeather @musiced20 what is a Sympodium? #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @MusicHeather so jealous! lol I’ve gotten creative with my projector and project the pic on the board and write on it with marker #musedmot
musiced20 Dear non-music Tweeps, I apologize for cluttering up your pages today. It’s #musedmot day! Lots of music ed discussion on social media!
musiccargirl14 RT @MusicHeather: @musiccargirl14 I have student write music, do MC quizzes, fill in blanks, anything! #musedmot
musiced20 @MusicHeather We have a Sympodium in our classroom and I’ve never used it yet. Interested to see what you do! #musedmot
MusicHeather @musiccargirl14 I have student write music, do MC quizzes, fill in blanks, anything! #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @musiced20 yeah, I usually do simple 30 second records. Downloading wavepad now though I’m thinking it will be better lol #musedmot
MusicHeather @musiced20 Like the idea of WavePad, will try it #musedmot
musiced20 WavePad is literally just click and go. Editing is easy. Sending to Evernote is simple. Can adjust mic levels quickly between recs #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @MusicHeather what kind of things do you do on the Slate? (I’ve wanted one for a while lol) #musedmot
musiced20 @musiccargirl14 I tried GB the other day when WavePad was being buggy, but I had to adjust too many settings before I could record #musedmot
MusicHeather I have a Promethean Slate that is awesome for me and the students to use, very interactive #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @musiced20 I still have to try that one, I use Garageband and Voca Live  for recording haven’t been happy with voca live lol #musedmot
musiced20 WavePad Pro is my favorite freebie for recording and editing audio. I use it to record my students’ playing for portfolios. #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @MusicHeather oh cool! I have my younger ones watch PS22 chorus to talk about how a choir works and listening for the diff. voices #musedmot
musiccargirl14 I’m in love with my Apple TV, use it all the time for mirroring Ipad apps, any favorite Ipad apps? #musedmot
musiced20 I use it for web clipping articles, digital portfolios for students, taking pictures of things I want to buy for school… #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @MusicHeather I know, that’s why it has so much time on the schedule lol, any fav youtube videos to show students? #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @musiced20 what else do you use it for? 🙂 #musedmot
MusicHeather That is a pretty big topic #musedmot My top tech = slate, iPod, YouTube
musiced20 Evernote is the best thing I’ve found in the last year. I use it for everything! #musedmot
musiccargirl14 Biggest organizational tool for me has been Evernote, I post lessons for Ss on the board with it and take all my notes! #musedmot
musiccargirl14 Let’s start #musedmot out right, What are some tools you use in your classroom (could be tech, or teaching materials) that you’ve used?
musiccargirl14 Command central, I’ll be here making sure everyone is having a great #musedmot!! http://t.co/03lTsLFn
macsmom RT @richardmccready “Happy #musedmot day everybody.” Hoping to get in on Early Childhood Music Hangout at 7:30 pm. #musedchat
Zweibz7 Google+ Hangouts on iPad… #winning! #musedmot
musiccargirl14 Hey #musedmot attendees! Today is the day! be sure to check out http://t.co/zCGEcfEz for the schedule! Twitter starts at 11am est!
musiccargirl14 RT @richardmccready: Happy #musedmot day everybody.
Zweibz7 No internet at home… Where should I go so i can participate in #musedmot today??
richardmccready Happy #musedmot day everybody.
musiccargirl14 Enjoying a big cup of coffee before setting up #musedmot command central!
MusicHeather #musedmot Looking forward to some great discussions tomorrow!
techmusiced RT @musiccargirl14: Hey #musedmot attendees! We will be giving away a free @Quavermusic DVD at our General Music Hangout https://t.co/eWOyQ2X9
musiccargirl14 RT @musiced20: Hey #musedmot peeps, we’re discussing instrumental ensembles on G+ tomorrow 4:30 EST. Topics? Find me on G+ to join! https://t.co/GeVCQDmD
musiced20 Hey #musedmot peeps, we’re discussing instrumental ensembles on G+ tomorrow 4:30 EST. Topics? Find me on G+ to join! https://t.co/GeVCQDmD
musiced20 RT @musiccargirl14: This Saturday June 2nd. Don’t be afraid! Come join us for the 1st ever #musedmot social media day! http://t.co/WtsNmYLF #musedchat #mused
QuaverMusic RT @musiccargirl14: Hey #musedmot attendees! We will be giving away a free @Quavermusic DVD at our General Music Hangout https://t.co/eWOyQ2X9
musiccargirl14 Be sure to check out http://t.co/uT37uAex to find out more about the Quaver Music Program!! #musedmot
musiccargirl14 Hey #musedmot attendees! We will be giving away a free @Quavermusic DVD at our General Music Hangout https://t.co/eWOyQ2X9
QuaverMusic RT @musiccargirl14: This Saturday June 2nd. Don’t be afraid! Come join us for the 1st ever #musedmot social media day! http://t.co/WtsNmYLF #musedchat #mused
musiccargirl14 I’m happy for: Friday, computer filled day, burritos tonight, my PLN, music to wake me up this morning, and OH YEAH, #musedmot tomorrow!!
musiccargirl14 Just saw the Muppet g+ commercial. I   Want them to join in on #musedmot  lol
heistes So excited! RT @musiccargirl14:This Saturday June 2nd join us for the 1st ever #musedmot social media day http://t.co/ROIlvAnL #musedchat
MusicEdTech RT @musiccargirl14: This Saturday June 2nd. Don’t be afraid! Come join us for the 1st ever #musedmot social media day! http://t.co/WtsNmYLF #musedchat #mused
BandGirlSmith RT @musiccargirl14: This Saturday June 2nd. Don’t be afraid! Come join us for the 1st ever #musedmot social media day! http://t.co/WtsNmYLF #musedchat #mused
musiccargirl14 This Saturday June 2nd. Don’t be afraid! Come join us for the 1st ever #musedmot social media day! http://t.co/WtsNmYLF #musedchat #mused
musiccargirl14 proud of myself for figuring out how to create a twitter archive using google docs. Google chrome is now my hero! #musedmot #musedchat
musiccargirl14 Still trying to find the easiest way to archive tweets for #musedmot, I know somebody out there can help! #musedchat
musiccargirl14 2 more days until #musedmot day. I’m so excited! #musedchat
MusicEdTech RT @awillis2: I am running Early Childhood Music Hangout on #musedmot on Sat, 6/2 @ 7:30 pm est! Leave a comment on my G+ post if u want 2 participate!
musiccargirl14 RT @awillis2: I am running Early Childhood Music Hangout on #musedmot on Sat, 6/2 @ 7:30 pm est! Leave a comment on my G+ post if u want 2 participate!
techmusiced RT @awillis2: I am running Early Childhood Music Hangout on #musedmot on Sat, 6/2 @ 7:30 pm est! Leave a comment on my G+ post if u want 2 participate!
awillis2 I am running Early Childhood Music Hangout on #musedmot on Sat, 6/2 @ 7:30 pm est! Leave a comment on my G+ post if u want 2 participate!
musictechie RT @musiccargirl14: A Guide to #Musedmot day June 2nd..This Saturday! http://t.co/WtsNmYLF #musedchat #mpln #mused
MusicEdConsult RT @musiccargirl14: A Guide to #Musedmot day June 2nd..This Saturday! http://t.co/WtsNmYLF #musedchat #mpln #mused
maclovesmusic RT @musiccargirl14: A Guide to #Musedmot day June 2nd..This Saturday! http://t.co/WtsNmYLF #musedchat #mpln #mused
Zweibz7 RT @musiccargirl14: A Guide to #Musedmot day June 2nd..This Saturday! http://t.co/WtsNmYLF #musedchat #mpln #mused
musiccargirl14 A Guide to #Musedmot day June 2nd..This Saturday! http://t.co/WtsNmYLF #musedchat #mpln #mused
musiccargirl14 Hanging out on G + for anyone who wants to try it out. I’m cooking in the kitchen! #musedchat #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @Zweibz7 Summer is almost upon us! AND #musedmot day 😀
BandGirlSmith RT @musiccargirl14: Hangout signups are starting to go up. http://t.co/WtsNmYLF #musedmot #mpln #musedchat…..It’s coming..One week from now!
MusicEdTech RT @musiccargirl14: Hangout signups are starting to go up. http://t.co/WtsNmYLF #musedmot #mpln #musedchat…..It’s coming..One week from now!
musiccargirl14 Hangout signups are starting to go up. http://t.co/WtsNmYLF #musedmot #mpln #musedchat…..It’s coming..One week from now!
musiccargirl14 #musedmot test: http://t.co/yynqVXlU via @youtube …teehee
heistes RT @musiccargirl14: A Guide to Music Ed Motivation Day: What’s Going on June 2nd http://t.co/WtsNmYLF  #musedmot #mpln #musedchat #mused
musiccargirl14 A Guide to Music Ed Motivation Day: What’s Going on June 2nd http://t.co/WtsNmYLF  #musedmot #mpln #musedchat #mused
musiccargirl14 I got hangouts on air!!!! YAY GOOGLE!! #musedmot
musiccargirl14 @awillis2 people know you r running the Early Childhood Hangout on #musedmot and to leave a comment on te post if they want to participate
musiccargirl14 @pisanojm @awillis2 Hi guys! When you get a few min. before #musedmot day could you put a hangout signup post on your Google + pages? Thx!!
musiccargirl14 @richardmccready @musiced20 Hi! When you get a few min. before #musedmot day could you put a hangout signup post on your Google + pages?Thx!
musiccargirl14 June 2nd! Anyone w/ workshops or other summer PD have it scheduled on twitter to promote it! http://t.co/zCGEcfEz #musedmot #musedchat