Beach Dreaming, Road Trips, and Summer Plans

I’ve got a week left and I’ll I think about is the beach, boating, swimming, gardening, and especially the open road. During the composition of this I’m getting ready to go see Dave Matthews in New York! Even though summer is a time of rest it is still a time to learn. I have a lot on my to do list, looking at grad schools, redoing my website, and coming up with new ideas for next year.
I’m a resource fiend during summer, I love to create new tools for my classroom, collect new music ideas, new lessons and activities, and new ways to look at the way I run my classroom. I like to stay motivated and excited about the upcoming year, and unlike most students, retain what I learned the previous year and make it better.

So as I come face to face with the adventure book I have entitled ‘Summer’, a little thought popped up in my head. What’s going to happen to my awesome blog I’ve been religiously posting to every friday for the past 6 months? It hit me like my 50 pound dog jumping into my lap. I want to use this blog to create a huge end of the summer project. I want to collect every resource for elementary music known to man this summer and put it into one place. Now, I’m only finishing up my 2nd year, I don’t know as much as I want, I’m still learning and think this resource would be so much more meaningful if I had a little help

So what am I going to do? I’m going to open up my blog to guest posters. Send me a short post on your most successful favorite elementary music resource and let me know whether it is instrumental/vocal/or general, how you use it and where others can learn more about it. It can be a piece of music, a book, a website, anything that is related to elementary music (Let’s say anywhere grades PreK-6). I’ll post it in a weekly series with a few other submissions put together in a little newsletter format, and if I get a good response I will compile all the submissions and post the amazing resource all over the web to share with all. Keep it between 50-350 words, short and sweet and send me more than one! The more submissions the better!

Send everything to:

*crosses fingers* let’s see if this idea works.

One thought on “Beach Dreaming, Road Trips, and Summer Plans

  1. Mom dwinal says:

    Wow! What a project- good luck and although I don’t teach music could I add some books/ nursery rhyme and literacy ideas from a speech pathologist?

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