If You Had a Chance to Change Their Fate, Would You?

I just saw another epic adventure brought to you by the inspiring minds of Pixar. Reminds me of what keeps me inspired, that no matter who you are, where you come from, or what you’ve done..you have the chance to change your fate and bring freedom and joy into the life you lead.

Our freedom, pride, destiny. The characteristics that make us who we are, can they be changed? We are born into a certain story with certain expectations and a plot all ready to follow. What happens when we rip that page of the book out? Can we change that plot into our own story?

Have you ever watched a class of students slink into your room, you know their stories..you have expectations on their fates but their story isn’t set in stone. The pages of their book that are already written can be ripped apart and bound into a whole different adventure. Remember, to never judge a student’s destiny by their cover. Even though we may not be the cutest or even blue in color, teachers are the wisps of the real world forest, we can show them the way to their new story, a story bound by their own bravery to venture out and climb the cliffs drinking from courage built inside of themselves.

So when you venture out into the woods, judging the travelers by where they come from or how they look (even if their appearance mirrors those of creatures you’d rather not meet in a dark forest). Help them to rewrite their story in their own way. Change their fate..

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