Why I Put a Recording Space in My Classroom

Some people think of me as crazy (well..most people do), I like to consider it “out of the box thinking”. One recent “crazy” improvement to my classroom has been a recording space for my students.

I set this space up for my students to work on their new and improved rhythm projects. It was a space of pure and utter mystery while it remained locked during the beginning stages of their projects ( I just put the sign on the door and hadn’t done anything yet! hehe)

Thinking about durability because of my younger students I kept set up simple. A few chairs, a music stand, a mic stand, an IRig Mic and an Ipad2 with the Wavepad app downloaded to it.

I know it is a closet, but it was perfect to have small groups go in to, to record. The space was small, quiet, and away from normal traffic where they could record quietly. Before students were even allowed to sign up they had to ask themselves the question “Am I ready?” Ready meant:

  •             I have practiced
  •             I have completed the requirements to be ready to record.
  •             I am in control, focused, and ready to record at this very second.

Once they could say yes to all 3 of the above I began to call them in by group going down the signup list one by one. They had to bring in all of their required materials, I showed them how to record, then I let them know to exit as soon as they were finished so we could know the next group could enter. As with any class, some students were faster than others and some were caught red handed goofing off. I didn’t send them in there without rules and procedures to follow though. Posted on the wall were rules made up by each class which usually were centered around:

  • Do not touch the things on the shelves
  • Do not touch the microphone
  • Use the Ipad with respect
  • Work Together
  • Stay QUIET in and out of the studio except for when performing!

The Wavepad app was the easiest way of recording I could find. I showed my students how to use it, asked each group to label their songs with all of the first names of their groups (I can tell who is with who) and after that it was Red Record Button–>Stop Button–>File–>Save. After that they were done and could exit the room!

So why did I give my students this new place? It not only promotes excitement towards doing their best on the projects in order to have a good recording. It also; let’s them feel more trusted and independent in class, gets them using technology gaining skills for later on in life, gives them insight to what some of their favorite music artists go through when making a song,  and is an exciting experience they might remember for the better part of their school career.

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