Silly Rap Rhythm Projects with Quaver

I’ve been working with the whole Quaver music program this year and decided to take my quarter end rhythm projects for grades 3-5 in a different direction going along with the way Quaver has helped me teach rhythm this year. Below are the instruction worksheets students will be following and using to create their rap masterpieces.

Did you know that Quaver Music just added a bunch of awesome new rap loops to their QGrooves creative on their free kids website? I made a last minute change to include these into the project check it out!

Name(s): _________________________________________________________________________

Step 1: Choose whether your group and write your names on the top of the paper.

Step 2: Pick the instrument or instruments you are going to play with your rap rhythms and write it down below:





Step 3:  Using the worksheet in this packet write your rhythms in the boxes using dots for the notes and blank boxes for rests.  Use the whole worksheet for your rhythms.

In one box

No dots= one quarter rest

One dot= one quarter note

Two dots= Eighth notes

Four dots= Sixteenth notes (4th and 5th only)

Step 4: Remember when Quaver created that song using those silly words? It’s your turn. Write a silly rap song in the blanks above each box on the worksheet you were using in step 3. Remember only one syllable per box (example: El-e-phant-soup takes up 4 boxes)

Step 5: Practice you creation!

Step 6: Log into (Only one of you needs to log in if you are in a group).  Using the sweet new rap loops in QGrooves in the studio. Make a backbeat to go along with your rap and practice with the music.

Step 7: Check in with me!

Step 8: Sign out for a recording space, go back and practice until a space opens up. When you go to the recording space bring your instruments and QGrooves song.  Start your QGrooves piece then press record on the computer and perform your song. Remember to press stop as soon as you are done your song.

Step 9: Return to me so I can help you save your song and the next person can use the recording space.  Put away your materials and open up QComposer. Using your dot rhythms on your worksheet and the key on the board, change thosedots into real notes and rests!

Rap Worksheet


Here is the google docs version of the instruction sheets: Project instruction sheet and CD Cover Worksheet / Rap Worksheet PDF

4 thoughts on “Silly Rap Rhythm Projects with Quaver

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    every one be able to simply know it, Thanks a lot.

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