The End Result Part 2

    I finally have part two of the end result with my Silly Rap Rhythms with Quaver project. This whole thing turned out to be a huge hit at both schools and now after doing it for both  I’ve learned what does work and what does not work when teaching how to do the project and setting the students up for success. 

    Since this was the first year for this project I also was experimenting with how to differentiate between grade levels for next year. 3rd will just be working on recording rhythms and a simple lyric set, 4th will record rhythms with lyrics and a QBackbeat, and 5th will record lyrics, rhythms, and Q Rap Loops. Also, the end step has now become changing the dot notation from the worksheet to actual notes and rests on QComposer (I told my 4th and 5th graders to change all of their 16th notes into 8th notes since Qcomposer only goes to 8th.) 

It’s time to put the project away for the rest of the year and begin others for me! Do you like this project? are you trying it out? If you are I’d love to hear how it’s going!

Be warned, with this school I tried to use the word silly as much as possible and I have to say these examples are very awesomely out there!

Worksheet Examples

ESS                       PSS

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