TI:ME /TMEA Coloring Book

Yup, I’m trying to be silly and frankly my brain is not on right now due to our wonderful Noreaster Day that Nemo brought on New England. I decided to make a coloring book using this spiffy feature on my new awesome Epson Artisan Printer I received for Christmas. This is for those of us that will be spending most of the day in the airports early next week. I know I’ll be bringing mine with me as I travel most of the day on Tuesday!

It includes everything from the TMEA and TI:ME logos to a color your own bow tie to honor our TI:ME Teacher of the Year and bow tie fashion guru Richard McCready.

Feel free to print it out and color in its amazingness. Downloading to the iPad is also an option although I’m not quite sure how you would color it unless using the highlighters on the iBooks app. If you find an app to do so please post your findings in the comments section!

It is in PDF form under the following link (be warned it is a little light but leaves more room for those who appreciate the art of coloring outside the lines):

TI:ME / TMEA Coloring Book

Here is a downloadable PDF version on the front page of my website:


*Special Request: If you do use this coloring book I would appreciate photographic evidence!!

Coloring Book


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