Those Who Are Creative, Never Say Impossible

     Continuing in the spirit of making mischief and being innovative, I’m reviving a post from a few months ago. Having the latest and greatest technology in your classroom might be great, but what happens for those who can’t get it? Should that inhibit what you can do? What are you teaching your students by saying “We could have done this if we had better tools.” It’s ok to take what you have and explore every single little angle you can use it. Take an old computer speaker and rewire it to use with your iPod, turn your mobile device into an interactive slate for your board through a remote desktop app, even turn your whiteboard into an interactive white board using a Wii Remote. Show your students that it doesn’t matter what you have, its how you use it that is important.

I couldn’t have lived without my technology in the room and its becoming a staple in every classroom, that is why I’m so surprised when someone tells me they DO NOT have some sort of technology in their teaching space. I ask why and I get answers like “there’s not enough money” or “they don’t think there’s space in my room” or even “they don’t think I’d use it”. Well phooey, time to give up right? WRONG! It’s time to get creative.

Look! I made an iPhone/iPod projector for 5 bucks just to prove a point for this blog post! (and it WORKS!)


 Check out how to make this at this website

   There are so many ideas for low cost classroom technology alternatives out there on the web that the excuse “I just don’t have it” is really not an excuse to me anymore. Tell me you don’t have a projector I will MAKE you one right there on the spot. Once you get creative with these low cost alternatives the last objection “they don’t think I’ll use it” flies right out the window! Sometimes, you just have to go a little further to prove to your tech department and administrators that you too can use technology successfully and creatively in your music classroom.

  No speaker system? Have a glass handy?


Or if you have a second you can throw together this puppy with a cardboard tube and two solo cups


      If you’re really ready for a challenge and itching for a smart board, try using a Wii remote control: 

        Those excuses people give me for not having technology in their classroom? Yeah, I’ll make you a projector or set of speakers out of things on your desk and recycling bin, I know you’ve got an iPod or smartphone handy everybody does. There are so many of these awesome hacks online in places like Pinterest .

     So remember, technology doesn’t have to be a fancy state of the art projector or a 1,000 dollar speaker system. If you’ve got 5 minutes and the right stuff sitting in your room or house, the possibilities become amazing.


What mischief have you gotten into this week?

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