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     I’ve got Maker on the brain this week. I am a Maker at heart and have realized I always have been. Learning more by doing and figuring it out myself being able to just tinker and PLAY. With all the testing and scheduling that goes on in schools, I think a lot have really lost sight of the power of letting kids just play. How it can affect the brain and benefit a child’s learning. Tying together technology, engineering, critical thinking skills, and so much more. Maker Spaces, clubs, and fairs are popping up all over giving kids the motivation and inspiration be go above and beyond and MAKE. 


  I’ve found there are some really cool ways to incorporate being a Maker into education. Through circuitry, model design, even just a few pieces of cardboard. Turning followers into Makers might be a daunting task but it reveals some pretty amazing results.

My Mom (who is the big thinker and Speech Pathologist) and I (Being a Maker and an EdTechie) recently presented to a group of local educators about what the Maker Movement is and how it relates to Play talking about effects on the brain. Check out our resources at my new Maker Page:


I just ordered another Maker tool for my collection, will update on how that goes soon!

One thought on “Maker Resources

  1. Catie, you always have helpful, new ideas! I’ve nominated you for One Lovely Blog Award. 🙂 Here’s a link of how it’s done!

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