What is Music Class? How Do We Define it?

Did you know the term “music class” is not in any dictionary? Even Merriam Webster’s can’t define it. screenshot_15

If a dictionary cannot define what we do, then how do we define it? How do you see yourself describing what a music class is to a child who has never seen it? Or maybe an outer space visitor??? (kidding.) When thinking of our so called “pitch” to admin and parents about what we do, how many times do you use the same words over and over? We end up with the same presentation or the same spiel, updated once in a blue moon. Here are some words that I came up with:

    Singing  Notes

           Piano Scores Listening

                  Dancing Keyboard Drums Xylophone

                                Moving Clef Rests Brains Playing

  What else can be added? What else is a keyword that truly defines what you do? That is really the question isn’t it? The best sales people can define their product in less than a minute. If you were selling why your music class needs to stay. How would you pitch it?


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