Happy Holidays!

   I’m in full Christmas Spirit swing (probably because it’s Friday and I’ve got my Santa hat on.) I had another post in the works for today but you know what, I can use another week on it and I wanted to give you guys a little holiday fun as a Thank you for reading my weekly ramblings. I have kept this blog for over 2 years now and still am amazed at the stats this produces on a weekly basis when I check in on Fridays. So..Thank you! and Happy Holidays!

  I thought it would be fun to share (or reshare) some resources I have put together or created over the past few years. Here are some of the top looked at posts/tools!

1.) The Essential Centers Kit: Post Here This has been a highly pinned pin on Pinterest (How many times can I fit the word Pin into a sentence?) I work on centers with my 3rd-5th graders and have a kit put together that goes for any center.

2.) Movement Breaks: Playlist Here Over 50 different dance videos on Youtube that are appropriate for K-5. From a 5 minute end of class dance break to an indoor recess lifesaver for a classroom teacher. This list is constantly updated with new material.

3.) Quaver Webquests: Learn More Here Part 2 I think I’m up to about 26. If you’re an avid Quaver user like myself these are a great smaller activity or homework.

4.) Anatomy of a WebQuest: Post Here This randomly showed up on Pinterest (not my doing) and has been shared a lot recently. I what I think about when writing webquests for any website and how anyone can write a killer quest.

5.) Centers: Post 1 Frosty MIOSM Post 2 I post a lot of center ideas, check out some different ideas for your own classroom.

6.) Music Ed Motivation Day: www.musedmot.webs.com What is a better resource than actual PD that is useful? I created Musedmot as a way of PD for any music educator from anywhere on the globe to get creative, connect, and have an excuse to stay in their jammies alllll day.

7.) Polar Express Mix: Playlist Here Sharing my holiday cheer with a playlist I put together from my favorite book/movie.

8.) Pinterest Page: Board Here Want some Cool Classroom ideas? I have a pretty crazy pinterest page going on.

9.) Skype: Post Here I’ve done a lot of Skyping this year, learn the equipment I use and add me on Skype! musiccargirl14

10:) FB Page: www.facebook.com/celticnovelist updated at least once or twice a week with posts, tips, tricks, and everythign you need to be a techy elementary music educator.

                                  Ho Ho Ho! Happy Holidays!santa guitar

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