Quaver Music Web Quests (Part 2)

A web quest, is a simple way to make a website a meaningful experience for a class independent activity. You need a solid subject or goal, a great introduction to pull in your student’s attention, and a few small activities to guide the student through the website while staying on the subject or goal you created before hand. I’ve written a lot of different web quests for websites to use in my classroom but my favorite website to write them for is www.quavermusic.com . I’ve written 7 quests in a previous post a few months ago: Quaver Music Webquests . After just a few hours spent with the Quaver crew in Nashville I was in my hotel room and decided to eat two of those GooGoo clusters (sssoooo goooood). Which caused an intense sugar high and led to me jumping around my room like a crazed maniac and inspired a new set of them. Here’s 8 more! (15 web quests total!):

Music History: I had a large package delivered to me today!What did I find inside? A PHONEBOX! Pete the Cat and I took it for a spin back to the golden age of Disco but Pete got lost along the way!  Follow the directions on the board to help me recover Pete!
Phonebox– I lost Pete while in the Phonebox let’s start there! Choose a composer and go back to learn about them. Read the book and answer the questions to try to get some new duds for your avatar!
Metro– Choose a metro stop to try to find poor Pete. Learn about the history of the music at that stop by reading the book and answering the questions. After you learn about it, try to place when that style of music started at the appropriate place on the timeline.
Composer Slide Puzzle– After you are done writing on the timeline try to find one of the composer slide puzzles in the shop to work on while we try to finish finding poor lost Pete.
Performance: Well hi there! Since last class, we’ve started a music classroom band and guess what! You’re the manager! There is a down side though…our band has NO stage presence…it’s time to do some research!
QDancer– To be in a band on stage you have to have some killer dance moves to get the attention of the crowd. Head to QDancer in the studio and choreograph a sweet routine for our next gig.
Metro– In order to be a good band we need to watch some great bands on stage. Choose a stop on the metro to visit, listen to the music, and try to answer the questions in the book to learn all about that style of music.
QSoundFX– Our faces need some emotion to get the crowd revved up. Head over to the lab and click on the QSoundFX. Put your sounds to the emotions video to show us what it’s all about
Scales: Up and down goes a set of stairs and so does a scale! Let’s discover what makes scales so special!
Hidden bell game– A scale goes step by step, find the hidden bell game in the shop and listen to each bell. Put them in order just like the directions on the screen. Can you hear them go up step by step? If you can’t a bell must be out of place!
EarIQ Carnival– It’s time to get a little practice hearing the steps in a scale. Head to the lab and play the pitch game at the EarIQ Carnival. Once you’ve got that mastered play a quick game of intervals to hear what is more than just a step.
QComposer– Wow! You’ve made it to scale expert! It is time to make your own. Head to the Studio and click on the QComposer piano. Build me a scale going up and down, just like this:
Music Business- Want to go behind the scenes of the music biz? Well perfect! I snagged you an intern job at a big time music company. You have to know your stuff though, follow directions below to get on top of your game.
QStudio– To be in the music industry you have to know about playing instruments and writing songs. Head to the Studio and pick an instrument. Write at least a 3 measure (If you are using QStrum or QComposer) or a full page (if you are using QGrooves or QBackbeats) song.
QDancer– You have to be able to know good stage performance and having great moves is a part of that. Head to the QStudio and click on QDancer. Choreograph a killer routine.
QTrivia– Now it’s time to test your knowledge! Go to the music room and click on the arcade. Play a round of the Bands category in QTrivia!
Instruments and Families- It is a BIG family reunion day at the park! Families are everywhere and are getting mixed up! Better get some help to figure out which family member belongs where!
Interactive Instruments– Search around the Quaver world for the instruments that make music when you click them. How many can you find? Try to pick one instrument and write it in the correct instrument family category on the board.
Roadies to the Rescue– Time to help load the instruments into the van! You have to know which instrument is which though. Head to the Arcade in the Music Room and play a game of Roadies to the Rescue.
QTrivia– Now here’s the ultimate instrument test! Stay in the Arcade and play a round of Which instrument!
Meter: 3/4, 4/4, 6/8, 2/4 ooooo I’m all confused! How about you? Follow the directions to learn what all these numbers have to do with meter!
Jukebox– To figure out meter you have to really listen to the music. Head to the shop and click on the Jukebox. Play three songs and try to figure out whether they are in 3/4, 2/4, or 4/4. Write down your guesses under the different categories on the board.
Metro– Now it’s time to bring your meter knowledge to the streets. Head to the Metro and choose a stop. Listen to the music, how many songs are in 4/4 there?
QMeasureUp– Here is the icing on the cake. Head to the Arcade in the Music Room and play a round or two of QMeasureUp. I challenge you to play either medium or hard!
Form: It keeps the chaos at bay, it organizes music nice and neat for us to listen to. Follow the steps to learn more about form.
QDancer– Form is everywhere not just in music. Check out the QDancer in the studio to choreograph some awesome moves. Watch for how perfect each move is, when a move looks great in a dance that is called having great form.
QGrooves– ABA, ABACA, AABB. All of these are different forms with each letter like a pre packed little box of music. Head to QGrooves in the Studio and create a song with the form ABACA using the boxes of music in there.
QComposer– Alright, now head to the QComposer in the Studio and write me four measures of melody with the form ABAB. If you have to write in ABAB..how many measures are going to be different?
Songwriting: What rhymes with orange? HELP! I’m stuck with writing this song! Can you follow the directions to write a song for me?
Metro Head to the metro and travel to a stop you have never been to before. Listen to the music and gain some inspiration to write some lyrics as you complete the puzzle.
QLyrics– It’s time to get some amazing lyrics.  Head to the QComposer in the Studio and compose 5 measures of melody before clicking the Qlyrics button in the upper left and writing some awesome words to go with your melody!
QBackbeat or QGrooves– Here is the test to see if you are ready to be a song writer! Create a beat in QBackbeat or QGrooves first. Ready? now write me a 3 sentence rap to go with it and perform it to a friend!
Like these? Take them, Repost them, share them with a friend. I don’t mind, as long as you let me know how they go over in your classroom after! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Quaver Music Web Quests (Part 2)

  1. Steve Gilreath says:

    Love what you’re doing here! I know the site and still had to think hard on some of these! Steve G.

  2. Cindy Austin says:

    Yeah KT, YOU are my new hero!

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