The Muppets and Music

    The Muppets..I say it and a shiver of joy runs like a river down my back. I remember watching reruns, movies or whatever video that came my way just to get a glimpse of Kermit, Miss Piggy, or the ever so daring Gonzo. I still watch them. I own DVDs of the first 3 seasons and almost all of the movies they have ever made, The Muppet Movie, Muppet Treasure Island, Muppets Take Manhattan ..I know I know..nerdness points added to my already high score. 

They bring a new sense of creativity and wonderment into the world. It’s unexpected, it’s powerful, it’s a pure untainted childlike world where not many can resist it’s excitement.

A big part of the Muppet’s world for me is it’s music which I share with my students from time to time. It turns a sad day into a happy day, or a tension filled moment into one filled with laughter. Really, who can resist the Swedish Chef making music while his popcorn is being popped?:

What stands apart from the rest is the decades of performances from musical guests on the show that inspire:Harry Belafonte

My students know my love of these crazy characters.

  • I’ll replace the occasional song in class with a classic Muppet hit to sing along to “Mana Mana” or show the video of Beaker singing the Habenera as we dance our own version of the tango after a discussion on a latin beat .
  •    It is a perfect way to introduce theatrics to elementary students. Using Muppets to show emotions, act out stories, sing and dance with the music.
  •   You can even introduce classical music played in a different muppetastical way with Rowlf showing off his piano talent playing with “Fur Elise” and many other famous pieces from composers and musicians, Victor Borge.

The Muppets, classic, hilarious, awesome. What more is there?

Jim Henson

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