Center Ideas for MIOSM

This week as I jumped into hyper speed mode trying to get adjusted and back into the swing of things. I felt so lucky looking at my plans and quarter outline for next week and seeing the words CENTERS in big beautiful letters. Being it Music in Our Schools Month I decided to throw a little something extra into this round. After reading a few blog ideas, spending some time on Pinterest, and checking out the NAfME www.nafme.orgwebsite I got some ideas. One is a writing activity and one is a drawing activity that I will be putting up finished products on my hallway wall in order to create a really cool ‘why we love music’ wall that all passerby’s can take a gander at as they walk up and down our hallways.

The beginnings of our wall. I added a title and some inspirational quotes.

The beginnings of our wall. I added a title and some inspirational quotes.

Music Poster:


  • Coloring Materials
  • Index card with directions
  • Blank paper


I want you to draw me a poster describing why you love music to a person who has never seen music class before. Tell them why it is important to you and what you particularly enjoy about class. Remember to draw a picture along with your writing.


What Music Means to Me:


  • Coloring materials
  • What Music Means to Me sheet- Worksheet
  • Pencils


Write me an acrostic poem using words that describe why you love music. Use your best words and remember each word must begin with one of the letters in the word Music. You can color and make it pretty after.



Hang these up activities up in the hallway for all to see.


What are you doing to celebrate Music in Our Schools Month?

2 thoughts on “Center Ideas for MIOSM

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