The Essential Centers Kit

 My favorite thing to do with my sudents is centers. I try to do them for one week at least one or two times a quarter after my students have a solid foundation of the concepts described at each center. I have talked about these centers before describing each To pull off these centers a teacher needs a toolkit with the essentials, the following are the basics I recommend for any teacher starting out with centers I do have other tools but they may be too strange for your eyes ;-):

The Bucket to store it all in!

White boards! Great tool for multiple centers my favorite is to have students practicing to write notes and rests on them.

Chalkboards for signs to label your stations. My students would be completely lost about where to go without these!

Index cards with holder. I use the cards to write instructions for the station on them and laminate them all. The holder is to keep everything organized!

Large file folder to store all of your special examples, scores, pictures, all the extra paper and things you use for centers!

You can’t go wrong with having a soft foam ball, crucial tool in a lot of games!

Chalk for the CHALK boards! teehee

Coloring supplies to color all those pictures and other wonderful things you ask your students to create!

I use different color popsicle sticks for a form of notation. Assign notes to each color and have them start making patterns!

My notes and rests soccer ball. Great way to keep students moving and identifying notes and rests!

K’nex, Pictured here is one of my student made “chord contraptions” which helps students identify chords. Having a building tool is great.

These are hand made signs which I magnetized to my whiteboard. I draw out a map on the board using these signs to help students move from station to station.

I have a set of 3 Ipads that are amazing. Most of the time my students are composing using Symphony Pro and Garageband but we have some other apps downloaded for them to use as well. Go technology!

Even have a center where they sit and read music books is a favorite of my students who need a minute to relax. I have a large library of kids books that have to do with music!

7 thoughts on “The Essential Centers Kit

  1. LOVE this! I am so stealing your ideas 🙂

  2. Kristin Feick says:

    I love your ideas! I hope you don’t mind, but I am taking them!

  3. carol roskos says:

    thank you for sharing!

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