WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN WHY..But what about the How?

After a long yet creativity inspiring day I came to the realization ” It’s so easy to use technology today, it’s not about teaching how to operate it anymore it’s about how to use it in a meaningful way in everyday life” . New technology is handed to us everyday as educators. We’re preached to about who we should use it with, what we should use, where and when it should be used and why we should use it, but what about the how? A big reason why technology is introduced to educators and quickly forgotten is because they can’t figure out how it should be used. We are at that digital age where we all know how to use the technology around us but figuring out how to use it in a meaningful way with our students is the challenge. 

It’s the whole process of finding that big question or purpose for your students and working through the process. Finding what you want them to know and then inputting the technology into that process so the students use it to help find the answer and creating an everyday life skill that would not only better their experience during the lesson but also help them remember the concepts you were trying to teach.

We are in a digital age where it’s not about learning how to operate the technology anymore. Its about showing students that it’s meant for more than listening to music, chatting with friends, or watching media. It’s meant for creation, collaboration, world exploration, and personal growth and development. 

So remember when teaching and integrating technology:

Who – The who to teach is our students, and our colleagues.

What- What technology would be the best tools for the job?

Where and When- Where and when would be the best time to integrate technology into your teaching?

Why- Why should we use it?

HOW- How should it be integrated? How can we get students to use it in a meaningful way?

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