The Wanna Be Hercules

The wanna be Hercules, just see them standing there,
They hold the weight of the world on their backs with sometimes out a seen care.
Hercules was a hero to most and so is this wanna be,
Sometimes they’re as tall as a chair or as big as a tree.
Now anyone can be this wanna be, they watch, they listen, they problem solve just like you or me,
but instead of letting most problems roll of their backs the wanna be..well..they just can’t relax.
They strive to make that magic wand just swoosh and make it all go away,
but in reality it just cannot always come into play.
So if you find yourself to be this wanna be, just remember you can’t always be the thing you want to be.
Even though so much baggage might loom, be the one to make it balanced giving everyone equal room.
Make the thought of dealing with it all disappear for just a day but never forget the stories they told you that just need to be locked away.
Give them hope, let them strive. Give them a chance to be and feel alive. Expect all to do well and never ever give up even if you don’t like to tell.

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