The Rules of Rhythm Baseball

I had an inquiry about how to play this so here it goes!

Version one:

With this version you play it indoors, all you need is a clean room and 4 chairs set up as bases then something to keep score and batting order.

-Set up the chairs in the room in a baseball diamond shape and divide the class up into two teams.

-Each team needs to have a team meeting and will write down their batting order (I usually have them do it on the board so I can know who goes next.)

-One team goes up to bat first while the other one takes a seat against the wall and out of the way. The first team gets in a line behind home plate and will send one batter up at a time. I am the pitcher for fairness.

-The pitcher will give the batter a body percussion rhythm (This is a great time to assess rhythm call and response by the way). The rhythm can be anything from patting the legs to clapping to snapping and so on.

-If the batter gets it incorrect they are out. If they get it correct they take a base. Only singles are allowed in this version. The same team stays up to bat until they have either gone through the full rotation or they get 3 outs.

-The teams keep switching after full rotation or 3 outs until the end of class. Who ever has the most runs at the end of the game wins.

Version 2:

-In this version you still have 2 teams but we play outside on the baseball diamond with a kiddie bat and ball.(Got mine for $5 at Walmart!)

-When teams go outside I appoint a captian for each and hand them a clipboard with paper to write down batting order and fielding position. In this version the students are the pitchers and I remain the ump.

-Remind your students it is just a game as well, you will get the little leaguers or baseball fanatics who try to incoorporate the complicated rules and get frusterated when they don’t happen.

-With this version of the game the pitcher must give the batter a body percussion rhythm before the pitcher can through the ball. If the rhythm is correct then it is played like a normal baseball game. If the rhythm is incorrect then they are automatically out.

-Sometimes I don’t keep track of the points with this version just to keep it light and fun. Remember if you bring your students out to remind them about jackets the class before if it is colder outside and check in with the office to let them know you’re outside.

This game is a hit with all my students!!

2 thoughts on “The Rules of Rhythm Baseball

  1. I sometimes give my students a chance to be the pitcher, too! I find that the kids LOVE it when they do it that way 🙂

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