3 pros to integrating tech.

After such a busy week with projects and stress galore and the urge to just keel over and give up, I’m back to my old self after drinks with an old friend. Usually with a post I think of the topic earlier in the week and then think about it all week and on fridays I just brain dump. This week my creativity was pulled elsewhere for more important matters but there is always time to advocate for technology in my music classroom. Here are the top 3 reasons why I use it, why I advocate for it, and why it is just awesome:

Engagement- Number one reason for technology in my opinion. You can always teach a concept without technology tools but can you truly engage a student by holding up a piece of paper? Think to yourself before you teach a lesson, would the students react better to learning higher and lower pitches from you banging them out on the piano or would they rather listen to a clown on a seesaw and choose which clown is playing the correct pitch? Would they go bonkers over taking pencils and paper writing melodies that most might fly blind on until you finally take it and play it on an instrument for the or do you think they prefer to hear their composition at every point in it’s creation through the magic of instant playback with a full orchestra? It’s not a crutch, it’s a tool we can use to connect with all of our students grabbing their attention in this digital age.

Visual Learning/Practical Application- It’s there in front of them with pretty colors, things moving and whirring all while they learn. Tech is for the visual and practical application learners. The constant pictures relating to learned concepts and ability to sit students down and let them use it themselves makes a world of difference to student learning. Most students i have now learn by doing and seeing. Give them a chance with technology and let them show you what they can do.

Provides the ability to stretch and go further- Without having technology we have a classroom that is a box, a closed up, taped up, air hole poked box in which there is no way to break free. Technology allows you to connect them with what they can’t see. The world out there is round and has a lot to offer. Half the students you have might not make it out of the area, they won’t see anything past where their eyes can behold unless you teach it to them. Technology connects you with the impossible field trip making it possible. Take a wild ride through the African Savannah, sit through a concert at Carnegie Hall. Meet up with a class across the country or write emails to professionals in their field. Technology allows you to stretch your lessons further and go more in depth with what you do letting students see further than what they really see.

Who cares what you have available, what your level of technology experience is, or who you need to have help you. Using technology in your classroom is a tool to help you teach and be the best you can be.

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