TI:ME/TMEA Prestissimo Author Panel

Even though we were apart for TMEA this year, I was so thankful that we were still able to connect digitally. Every year for close to a decade, I look forward to traveling to San Antonio to connect with friends and colleagues and talk shop while we have a great time catching up. Even though this year was different, I was still able to connect with all of my friends and fill my happy heart again thanks to the power of technology. I will keep my fingers crossed that we will see each other again in person in 2022!

One standout moment was being able to be a part of the TI:ME Prestissimo Round Table with my fellow authors of the Oxford University Press Prestissimo series. This panel was about an hour long and we all were able to talk a little about our respective works and learn from each other.

You can watch the full replay here: https://youtu.be/a0qkEKjAISY

If you are interested in purchasing any of the books in the series head to https://bit.ly/3p5HndG and use the code TIMEORG20 to get 20 percent off!

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