Quaver Web quests – The Remix

If you remember back several years ago on this blog, a series of web quests were launched revolving around QuaverMusic.com. To this day those web quests are actually some of the most viewed posts on this blog, and I have been so happy to be able to inspire teachers to write their own over the years!

There is one problem that has come up recently though which brings the reason for this new post, with the exit of Flash, the Quaver site has gone through many new updates and changes and a lot of that which was once there has been updated and rearranged. In an effort to keep with the changes, I’m going to make some updates!

So here is what will happen, for right now, I’m going to give you three new quests, more will come but we are going to start with three. I actually really like doing web quests, they are fun to write so I plan to do more.

These quests can be made into assignments or you can get the links to each screen and using your own format or this template below to insert each link to give to your students.

Webquest Template

Web quest One

Topic – Writing Rhythms


  • Rhythm is a Beautiful Thing
  • Half, Quarter, Eighth
  • QComposer
  • QBackbeat

Welcome Adventurers! This morning Quaver was cleaning the lab and found a mysterious door behind the organ! The trouble is, there is a code he needs to find to open the door. Follow the steps below to help him!

  1. Listen to the song Rhythm is a Beautiful Thing to learn more about the code Quaver needs to open the door.
  2. Get some practice in creating your code with the screen Half, Quarter, Eighth.
  3. Let’s start learning how to crack the code using QBackbeat! Make a pattern and listen to how it sounds.
  4. Time to crack the code using QComposer! Fill in the Blanks Below and then put it all into QComposer to hear how it sounds.

Web quest Two

Topic- Ostinatos


  • Ostinato Definition
  • Rhythm Selectah
  • Beat Boxing Warmup
  • Half, Quarter, Eighth
  • Quiz Builder Screen.

Greetings Treasure Hunters! Quaver’s Shop received a mysterious wooden chest this morning but Quaver and Gwenda need help getting it opened! Follow the steps to figure out the combination needed to open the chest!

  • Take a good look at the definition on this screen, you will need to remember this!
  • Remember what an ostinato is? Let’s try to build our own with the Rhythm Selectah! How silly can you make your ostinato?
  • Did you know that Beatboxers make ostinatos with their voices? Head to Beatboxing warmup and try it for yourself!
  • Time to build your own Ostinato, use the screen Half,Quarter, Eighth and give it a whirl.
  • Now, answer this question, what is an Ostinato? (You will need to make this Quiz Builder Screen yourself)

Web quest Three

Topic- Melody


  • Bell Pitch Game
  • Melody Maker (You will need to make a Melody Maker Screen for this)
  • Hot Cross Buns Lyrics Screen
  • Video Submission Screen OR a screen with a way to get a video to you

Hello Crew! Quaver woke up this morning and found that the Phonebox was missing! We need to sing the correct tune to bring it back. Follow the directions below to find get the right melody to bring it back!

  • Let’s learn a little more about Pitch first and play the Bell Pitch game first!
  • Quaver created a rhythm for you in Melody Maker, take that rhythm and add some solfege in to make your own melody!
  • Listen to Hot Cross Buns and pay attention to the recorder part, you will need that for the last step!
  • Video yourself singing Hot Cross Buns and send it to your teacher, they will send it to Quaver to help bring back the Phonebox!

Happy Adventuring!

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