Mobile Devices in the Music Room

Technology now a days changes at the drop of a hat. One day CDs and DVDs are the new thing, next thing you know you have issues finding any machines that can use them because digital downloads have become so popular. Laptops use to be the new and innovative one to one device for schools, now Chromebooks and iPads have taken over the technology departments and classroom carts. Why? not only are they cheap but they last longer, meets student’s fine motor skills more on their level, and they have hundreds of thousands of apps that can be used to enhance student learning and experiences in the class environment.

I can’t tell you how many classes I’ve walked into in the past year and heard “They gave me iPads/Chromebooks, I want to use them but I just don’t know how”

Normally you would hear a response of “Well, you can use this app, this app, and this app” but to properly use these new devices in the classroom..don’t you normally have to see what the classroom is like first? Focus on the skills being taught and the activities or projects being executed in order to properly use the devices in a way that will make meaningful experiences in the environment.

Let’s take on iPads

See them in action in an actual music room:

iPads in the Music Room

There are 10 categories you can divide up iPad use in the classroom with:
As a teacher presentation tool
As a guest lecturer
As an e- reader
As a music device
As a note-taker
As a “center”
As a “writing tool”
As a review tool
As a research tool
As a content support

How would you use an iPad in each category? Would you project it on the screen and use a notation app to teach quarter notes? Covering as a music device and as a teacher presentation tool?

Or how about having a research center where students look up student questions and write them down in a collaborative glossary? Can you imagine instead of stopping class to answer a question, saying “why don’t you go find the answer for us and report back?” Turning spoon fed robots into innovative thinkers!


    The toughest thing sometimes is finding apps that fit what YOU want them to do. There are thousands of apps out there but not all of them work the way you want. I love those innovators that teach their students how to code apps that fit their needs but if you aren’t too comfortable with that yet sites like App Crawler help teachers discover programs that will help them with activities and lessons they are planning.


Need some ideas for your music class? Check out some of my previous posts on apps and iPad use:

           Integrating devices can always be difficult at first, but planning out your lesson first and then figuring out which activities would be enhanced by a device and THEN seeing which apps would fit into your plan. The more you do it and the more you do it right the easier it becomes!

 How would you integrate mobile devices into your music room?

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