Connecting with your iPad

Schools back! Its been a really busy month! I was on the road for at least 2 and a half weeks training and meeting wonderful teachers across the country. Between that and my new homework for my grad program I’ll be blogging a little less but I’m still here!

Its the start to the school year, new students, new room and new technology! I was in several trainings this month where teachers were passed out brand new iPads! Isn’t that exciting! So now you have an iPad and school is starting, how do you start using it where you are comfortable and it makes your day to day life easier?


Best way is to start using it yourself for your own needs. Here are some apps you can start using right away in class with your students. You only need one device for all of these!


Reflector $14.99– Wirelessly show your iPad on the projector screen by connecting it to your teacher computer. Great for games, composition activities, and showing visuals.

Puffin Web Browser $0 – Have a flash based website or game? Maybe like Quaver (you know that was coming.) Puffin allows the user to get to those websites without troubles and use the full programs. It is a little clunky but is a great resource for those go to websites that are still in flash!

Splashtop $4.99- Remote Desktop program that allows you to connect to your laptop wirelessly. You can manipulate the screen on your desktop from your iPad. I love suggesting this one especially to teachers who do not have access to an interactive board. This not necessarily does not take the place of one, but it turns your iPad into a Smartboard slate pretty much, and you can adjust

Doceri $0- Another version of a remote desktop app similar to Splashtop. This one allows you to annotate and record using the app and play later.

IDoceo $9.99- The ultimate teacher grade book app. Keep track of grades, take attendance, take behavior notes, the whole nine yards. Perfect app to keep you sane.

ClassDojo $0- Behavior app! Throw this up on the projector using Reflector and give points for good behavior throughout the class.


So you master using the iPad for your own. Now what’s next? Have you tried centers? Set out the device (or devices if you have more than one.) Compose, create, discover, make, take it to the next step and show how you can implement new technology into your classroom!

Need some help? Let me know!

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