Podcasting in Music

So I am totally loving my grad classes already. They give me inspiration for more activity and project ideas. There is always a little spark that wishes I was back in the classroom to try all it, but then I start thinking how many ways I can help teachers do this sort of stuff and my mind goes in a whooollleeee new direction. 

So this week’s assignment was to create two podcasts that would fit with my content area, sure it sounds easy enough. When your someone like me though it takes a while to nail down a solid idea that will actually work and is COOL. Never half do anything, who is going to listen to it if it doesn’t have the wow factor?

I decided to do mine on Blues and Folk music. I took inspiration from the QuaverMusic.com venue books and went with it from there. Here are the finish products: 

Why podcast?

Podcasting is teaching outside of the classroom, allowing students to take learning further, podcasts give teachers a chance to flip the classroom teaching as homework and practicing and applying in the classroom, podcasts even work as a way of showing student knowledge in a different way.


So what kinds of things could you podcast about in music?:

  • I’ve heard many friends flipping their ensembles. Providing videos or audio tutorials on different playing techniques they want the students to master and then just rehearsing during actual ensemble time.
  • How about flipping your recorder program, practice at home, play at school!
  • Its also a great way for students to research and show off what they learned in a format other than typing a paper.

What do you need to make a podcast? It’s actually pretty simple.

  • You’ll need a device to record. Preferably a laptop.
  • Don’t forget to download recording software! Audacity is a really good program to try.
  • A great microphone, I LOVE these Blue Mics http://www.bluemic.com/snowball/

Make sure you create a script, you might think you can free style but it is so much easier to get everything in with a point of reference! Also, practice practice practice before you record!


  Most sites out there usually allow you to share videos so turning your podcast into a YouTube Video is usually easiest (Throw the audio into iMovie. ) You could also use a song sharing site like SoundCloud, or even drop it into DropBox and share the link.

If you were to put together a podcast, what you you talk about?

2 thoughts on “Podcasting in Music

  1. Scott Watson says:

    I’ve been podcasting for years and love it! I’d do it more often if I could find the time, but putting together and sharing an episode gives me a similar feeling to composing a work for band or orchestra. If you have the chance, check out any of my episodes at:


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