STEAM Project: Building a Working Musical Instrument

It’s done! It’s done! My first big project with my 3D Doodler pen is complete! I free hand 3D printed a working model of a musical keyboard. It was a big task and it looks like a 3 year old made it but I did it! It incorporates all components of STEAM as aligned in the project book linked below.


  Using my 3D Doodler, styrofoam as a support, 2 pieces of 12 gauge wire, aluminum foil, 4 small springs and my Makey Makey I built it into several pieces and then by heating up the plastic I stuck them together. All 4 keys move and when I ground myself to my Makey Makey they can make sound!

   I was thinking while this was coming together that since it looks like a 2nd grader made it. This would be a cool project to do. SO I made a project book to go along with it. You can access it here:

    Feel free to download it and make it your own. Its yours to play with! The only thing I ask is that you share what you do with it afterwards.


How would you incorporate all of the components of STEAM into your lessons?


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