How Being Techie Can Keep Your Head From Exploding

This has been a pretty crazy week moving back to a different school, unpacking, getting back into the groove of this schedule and on top of that getting ready for TMEA! Times like this I am grateful for the technology I use and have at my fingertips to keep me organized and ready to go for when I switch every quarter. I’m one of those OCD need to be organized to a point so I can find everything and not freak out people.

  So what do you use to stay organized with paper work and everything else in your lives? From my calendar in my phone, to the notes apps I use, to even post it notes on my desk. It is all ways I keep organized even though it may seem messy at times. To those who are still scared of using technology, starting small with yourself can make it seem less stressful.

 So what do you use to keep yourself organized as a teacher? Here’s what I use or have used in the past:

Evernote- I use this note taking program religiously. With it’s ability to tag notes and search for them later, store pictures, documents, and automatically sync notes from one device to another, I can easily type a note on my iPad and find it sitting on my laptop when I look over moments later. Download Here

TeacherKit- An all in one grade book app for the teacher attached to their iPad. Teacher Kit helps with attendance, holds behavior notes, creates seating charts, lets you input grades, and all the while allows you to generate reports on any student in your app. I use this app everyday to organize my teacher life. Download Here

IDoceo- Another grade book app for teachers that I have used before. This one is a little more intense than TeacherKit but has received fantastic reviews from friends. With the ability to set your own grading system, store lessons, set grades, and plan seating charts for each class this app is a can’t miss! Download here

DropBox- I use Dropbox every single day. This is a hard drive in the clouds holding all of my important files for work and career. I can download the desktop version and have it act as another hard drive on my computer, grab something I need off the website, or I can grab what I need right off the app on my iPad. It holds so much and can be accessed from anywhere! Learn more

Google Drive- Similar to Dropbox this is a place to store files and can have a desktop version download, access it from an app, or right off the website! The difference between Google Drive and Dropbox is that you can collaborate on a document with another person at the same time making it easy to work with a colleague who could be half way around the globe! Learn more


What do you use to organize yourself? Have you tried turning that paper and pencil into a computer or iPad?

5 thoughts on “How Being Techie Can Keep Your Head From Exploding

  1. Mariann says:

    Would Teacher Kit work with our districts Power School?

  2. Ms. Mintly says:

    I adore Evernote and use it for EVERYTHING in my life! I also use Dropbox for all of my school files (SMARTBoard Notebook files, etc.) that I use every day. I wish we could use the PowerSchool app, but HA our district hasn’t done whatever it takes to get on the app.

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