TMEA Coloring Book

So I did one of these last year and was able to occupy my time and calm my nerves on the way down to TMEA, I figured..well why not again? The excitement and nervousness about heading down next week is starting to set in so I figured instead of going crazy to post some awesomely serious tech tidbits of information, why not do something fun? Below is the link to the PDF of the TMEA/TI:ME 2014 Coloring and Activity Book!  

TI:ME/TMEA 2014 Activity Book

Now here’s the challenge. I want to test the reach of this blog and dare you to think out of the box and not care who thinks you’re silly. If you print this book out, I want to see your artwork! Post a pic in the comments, Tweet me @musiccargirl14, Post a pic on my Facebook page: I will repost the pictures in an upcoming post next week!


If you are heading to TMEA next week, I will see you there! I have two sessions at the TI:ME pre conference on Wednesday, will be accepting the TI:ME Teacher of the Year award on Thursday, and will most certainly be at the Quaver Music and TI:ME booths whenever I have a free moment! Come say hi!

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