A Forgotten Quaver Webquest: Finding Debussy, Beethoven, and Vivaldi


  So I will admit, I forgot about this one too. I’ve maybe used it once and posted it over a year ago in my Anatomy of a Webquest blog. It’s been a Quavertastic week. With the rain and state testing and everything else the kids have been NUTS but I mention Quaver and they sit down and get ready for some fun OR I give them a vote for the end of class activity and ALL of them request a Quaver episode or ClassPlay song!  I had to wear a Quaver shirt today just because this whole week has been all about him! Next week they are getting their Quaver accounts set up so I was looking to write a cool webquest just for them but stumbled across this gem that I don’t think I really ever shared by itself. It’s been dusted off, cleaned up, and reworked in a fun quest about those 3 funny guys in the shop! Enjoy!

      Debussy, Vivaldi, and Beethoven decided to throw a party while the shop was closed last night, those rascals! Now they have disappeared from their posts and are hiding some where in Quaver’s world. Can you help find them? Let’s use clues about each of their lives to catch those 3!

1.) Debussy‘s piano teacher thought he was a genius when it came to playing piano, while in school he failed many piano tests but when he switched his focus, Debussy found he excelled at composition. Where would Debussy be hiding where he could compose at the piano? When you find it help him write 2 measures only in the treble clef staff to start off his next masterpiece!
2.) Vivaldi is quite a character, his personality most certainly reflected in his music with so much contrast . Where can you go to learn more about him and his music? He must be hiding back in his own time! Find him and read more about his wacky personality in his book! After you are finished, try to answer the questions at the end of the beginner or advanced book to recieve the Debussy diploma!
3.) We all know Beethoven lost his hearing when he got older, the shop has had some magical stuff going on lately and he has gotten his hearing back! My hunch is he is trying to retrain those ears. Where will you find him? Go there and play the pitch or interval game with Beethoven to help him get his ears in tip top shape again!
4.) Wow, you found all three of our friendly composers! They are all back into their rightful places. Using what you’ve learned about them, can you go into QSkits and create a skit where they talk about their lives? Add in costumes and make it funny! After you are done be sure to check your student tab and pass this in as your QSkits assignment! We will put on a show once everyone is done!



Let me know what you think!

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