What it Means to Lead

  This week has been exhausting, I’ve been focusing on creating and impleteing new lessons, new thoughts, new ideas, and just new ways to be better. The kids have been off the wall but most in a good way. Looking through the week as I reflect it has really shown my strengths. I can be strong, I can stand up and lead, and now with two new specialists in our building and with two principals who know what I can do with tech and want to use that skill, I’m falling into a leadership role and really enjoy it.  I took a few minutes today to remind myself what it means to be a leader.


What does it mean to be a leader? What do you do that makes you a leader in your own way?  I have so many PLN members that I look up to and are leaders to me,Who do you look up to as a leader?

A Leader:

  A leader listens to their peers. They are always there to be an ear to listen to your problems or your sucesses regardless of what they are.

  A leader  isn’t afraid to speak up. I know I’m shy but if I feel it is the right thing to say I will stand up and say it. I know I’ll regret it later if I don’t say my peace. I might still be a young teacher but that doesn’t mean you should count us out. We have our own experiences and even though we’re still learning we aren’t afraid to stand up and say our opinion.

Offers advice, who doesn’t need advice every once in a while? A leader is willing to be a second opinion to your own actions helping to guide as best they can.

A leader can compromise. A leader knows it’s not always their way or the highway, there is an amount of give and take they know needs to happen and will make sure it does.

A leader has strength even in times of weakness, we have times when we feed off the negativity and despair created in our enviroments. A leader has the ability to break down those invisible forces and be immune. They have enough positive energy that is infectious and doesn’t get caught up in what is around them. They always hope and push for positive change.

 A leader can take critisism wisely. They always have ambition to better themselves and take the good and bad feedback and turn it into advice for change and growth.

They don’t stop until the job is done, a leader has a hard work ethic and knows that no matter how hard the job is they do it all the way through even if they don’t want to.

A leader pushes the boundaries of creativity creating solutions, experiences, and products that are so out of the box they are past the point of amazing. A leader is a creative person and leads others to be creative as well.

They can take risks. A leader is the first one to jump the cliff even though they have no idea whether or not they will land softly. They jump with such grace and enthusiasm that others follow in hopes of a successful land on their feet.

 Most of all, a leader always offers a smile or a laugh. It is a known fact that others work harder and work better being happy. A leader, whether it is a boss or a coworker always knows the right times to offer a positive grin or joke to keep people happy.


Leading a conference session 🙂


We all are leader in special ways. How do you lead?

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