Day 3, the day everyone disappeared and my tweet highlights #timejen12

Last Day of #timejen12 and I have to say its been amazing, inspirational, and motivating, thank you to everyone I’ve met this week who have made this time so memorable. As I leave tomorrow I’ll be anxious to carry on this motivation and can’t wait to connect with you all again! Since I’ve been tweeting so much I decided a list of memorable (some retweets from other but mostly mine) tweets from my start to end at #timejen12 would be fitting as a last post, bye everybody!

Being an airport bum this morning

Quick breakfast in hotel then off on my trek to the Galt House for #timejen12 I’ll be the confused looking one wandering around with a map

Snuck into @jimfrankel ‘s preso fun to hear him present!

If you are not a member of the @soundtree institute you should be #timejen12.

Questions to ask when getting permission for license, Master Vs Composition?, what for?, where to get license? #timejen12 great company to help get licensing and erapurses about licensing

Public domain songs qualify anything before the date 1/1/1922

Let’s talk about love: a journey to the end of taste by Carl Wilson book. recommendation #timejen12

We need to sell to the people who want water, where there is interest there is value #timejen12

Do we really need to tell Ss what a piece of tech does or just make sure they can use it properly? #timejen12

Best way my Ss learn how to use tech? Not by me, but their friend sitting next to them #timejen12

Oh cool the 3 fonts in Finale 2012 change how the score looks #timejen12

Pretty shiny new TI:ME website , check out its awesomeness #timejen12

#timejen12 benefits of new website: your own login, social network, FaceTime profile, free subscriptions to Mix, Keyboard, and EM.

Check out Fred Bogert’s Site at #timejen12

“Technology is the motivation in the music we make” #timejen12

“The strongest dynamic in auditory experience is silence” #timejen12

@Zweibz7 presenting in Coe! Come join! #timejen12

@Zweibz7 Plugging #musedchat at his #timejen12 session. Music educators 1 hour interaction on Twitter. Monday nights at 8 pm EST. Join us!

Everyone should extend the discussion on google + continue the convo all week long #timejen12

New Blog: Inspiration and motivation through connection Day 1 at #timejen12

Barb telling us a story “Congressman” Dammers #timejen12 #timejen12 Karen Garrett’s website with elementary material..Go Mighty Music Man! #timejen12 – free tech for all #timejen12

Barb talking about the MPLN!! Yeah Barb! #timejen12

“if there was a music teachers utility belt an audio recorder would be on it” #timejen12

The Skoog, squishy block with buttons that plugs into computer. Adaptive tech at its squishy finest #timejen12

“every teacher or musician should put their music available for download” #timejen12

Session materials available at #timejen12

In the year 2020 between 67-69% of Digital natives will still be social networking #timejen12

“Facebook is like a wiki” #timejen12

“students are already there, why aren’t you there with them?” #timejen12 #timejen12

#timejen12 nothing is perfect. We are not perfect. Ken Scott referring to mixing music. We are going for the end result not the indiv thing

“iPad meant for one person as a creative device” #timejen12

iPads tend to have limited storage #timejen12

Bretford IPad Cart – holds 30 iPads, charges and syncs at the same time #timejen12

Again handouts for @MusicEdTech ‘s press are available at #timejen12

APS music master Pro by @pisanojm being highlighted now. “written by a music teacher for music teachers” #timejen12

Let’s do our #timejen12 Tweetup tonight at 9pm after the @techmusiced reception. Meet at registration tables!

Ss do not like to go up to the board, go for the Apple TV, more mobile and cheeper. #timejen12

VGA adaptor/ HDMI connector / camera connection kit must haves #timejen12

Joe will have his materials at by Monday. #timejen12

Hmm @pisanojm just slapped a projector and got it to work again lol #timejen12 <—– @Zweibz7 replied to with "He's the Chuck Norris of Music Tech"

APS music master pro, I'm not a band director and it's still great #timejen12

*fan girl scream* RT @pisanojm: OMG only 10 feet away from @richardmccready,@MusicEdTech,@Zweibz7 ROCKSTARS of #music Ed tech! 🙂 #timejen12

Recorder Hero? Is it like Bagpipe Hero?..I like Bagpipe hero #timejen12

Masters of music tech and Jazz hanging out in the fish bar at the Galt *second fangirl scream of the day* #timejen12

"Adults are more popular on twitter because they know how to interact with eachother" #timejen12

YES!! RT @andrewritenour: This is what happens at #timejen12 tweet ups … @Zweibz7 @richardmccready

New blog about #timejen12 Day 2, LONG list of apps/ gear/ and websites for music Ed peeps! #musedchat

Assessment in music tech is based upon the parameters you put on the project, not the quality of the music. #timejen12

First session I will tweet is @pisanojm 's session on twitter in the Coe room, Come join me and my new Freddie the Frog lol #timejen12

QR codes are a way to quickly market information #timejen12

Got it , twitter egghead = bad #timejen12

"Facebook is more for personal use, Twitter used correctly can be an amazing stream of information" #timejen12

Top ten reasons for twitter- Connectiong with customers, Branding, Feedback, Marketing,Promotions, Viral Nation of Distribution, News, Increase Sales, Viewing Competition, Loyalty #timejen12

"Even on records the intensity breaths" #timejen12

All session materials for @jimfrankel 's sessions are located at #timejen12

Synchronous v. Asynchronous learning = Live class v. Whenever you have time #timejen12

Advantages to online learning – convenient, affordable, content is archived and available 24/7, synchronous and asynchronous #timejen12

@jimfrankel can take over my computer? Aaahhhhhhhhh!!! #timejen12 is iPad friendly!! #timejen12

Literally sprinting to the Galt

Richard showing us the project possibilities with garageband #timejen12

You want Ss to create and compose not just out that note there #timejen12

"I don't set specific parameters for a project because I know ill have some who go beyond" #timejen12

"professional development without follow up is malpractice" #timejen12

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