Day 2 at timejen, iPads and twitter yoho

Ah man, had a witty beginning to this post already written but I guess WordPress app didn’t like it so it magically disappeared. Day 2 at #timejen12 a great success. Of course I had stayed up late writing the post yesterday so I figured coffee would make the tired go failed me BUT twittering like a hopped up pageant princess on pixie stix saved the day AND Let me share valued information on the sessions I attended follow me at @musiccargirl14 to get the links and quotes from the session I attended today, and as I explained tonight at the AMAZING tweet up, the car in musiccargirl14 actually has a purpose I do love cars!
Today was a day for collecting a HUGE list of recommended software/gear/apps that would be useful and have been proven successful in all settings of the music classes here we go:

Free Technology Websites for Music Educators- – Elem content for class, games and assessments – practice cards
Rode university- learn how to use microphone -VJ Manzos website screen casting tool for creation midi, audio, etc.
Petrucci Music Library alternative to dropbox, specific to Mac audio programs!

Audio recorders- Zoom H1/ Zoom H2N
Video recorders- Zoom Q3/ Q3 HD
Korg Microkey- midi keyboard 37 mini keys
Korg Nano 2 series- 2 octaves/ 16 pads/ faders/ etc.
Avid Mbox-audio interface
Apogee One- interfac
eJamhub- add rehearsal rooms by plugging them in
Korg SP 170-88 key natural weighted keyboard
Skoog- Squishy block which is adaptive technology for students with special needs
Apple TV- mirroring iPads for teaching
Good grips- can drop the IPad and still works
Bretford IPad carts and trays syncs either 80 or 10 iPads at same time

Software-Sibelius 7
Finale 2012
Breezin’ Thru Theory
Ableton Live Intro
Auralia 4 and Musition 4
O-Generator- has iPad apps
Secret Composer
HomeConcert Xtreme – Finale for Midi Rockband for recorders!

APS music master pro
Singing Fingers
Notation – notation
Symphony Pro- notation
For Score – reader and annotated
Ihearit- for transcriptions
Wavepad-simple sound editor
Air scratch -DJ turntable
Overdub- multi track recorder
Chordica- create chords and harmony
Simon the Cat
Note Squish
Piy 4 HD

Here is MY list of recommended apps that I use:
Iamguitar – Full Guitar
Iamdrums – Full drumset
Groovebox- Use tokens to mix loops
World United – Like Groovebox but with world music
MScribble- create songs with a swish of a finger
Bebot- He’s my buddy I touch the lines around him and he sings
Kalimba Free
Virtuoso -Piano
Tonepad and Beatwave – Slide a finger and highlight dots to create different tones as they are looped over and over.
Uflute Miami- Native American flute you play by blowing into the mic
Sound drop- Fun game, create and move lines around creating tones
Music Drawing Lite and Maestro- other notation apps for younger Ss good for quick things.
all of the apps in my list are good PreK – 5 the Tactile instruments are amazing for Pre K – 3 but can work with 4 and 5 just fine

One more day ahead! I’ve met so many amazing people during the past few days my head is spinning! I’m loving this conference and wish I could do this every week!
Follow @musiccargirl14 tomorrow for my last day of #timejen12 tweets!

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