Teaching the tech basics

You never know what students can be proficient in and what they are not proficient in when they enter the music classroom. Most of the time you can figure out what they need work on musically but tech is a whole other story. Myself, I love integrating tech into my music classroom. For me it’s a way to really push visual aids to the students about subjects. Unfortunately students come to me once in a while lacking the ability to do basics on the net books I am able to sign out of our library. It’s no ones fault really but when I spend a few extra minutes teaching them the skills required to do the assignment it is still teaching which is what I’m really here to do even if it’s not music. Maybe they were absent the day it was taught or the teacher just hasn’t reached that skill yet. I feel it’s important to teach these skills and not by pass them in my class leaving it to the teacher. I’m there to not only teach music skills but I’m here for academic and tech integration too! Specialists shouldn’t be afraid to teach tech skills to students, it helps give the students extra practice and might persuade teachers who are afraid to integrate tech into their classrooms an extra push since their students might already know the procedures and skills for the computers. Don’t be afraid to be tech forward thinking, it helps out everyone and is a big help to your school community even if it doesn’t seem like it.

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