Ways to keep safe

There have been some recent US cases involving anthrax and African drumming. I myself had a scare due to a recent gift of an Indonesian djembe I received for Christmas that has a goat skin head (the same type of head that has carried the anthrax spore in two other drums.) I’m safe so not to worry! But the spread of infectious through cultural instruments is always a concern when bringing them into a classroom. Keep an eye out for recent cases of disease, always look for treated materials especially TANNED hides. Tanned hides are treated and have a much lesser risk of caring spores and diseases! Also make sure you are buying from an accomplished distributor one who has sold more than one or two drums and knows what they are doing so they can sell you a proper drum. Also please buy from areas not known for carrying diseases in previous products (such as Haiti, that as an area notorious for carrying infected instruments). My recommendation is to NOT buy ethnic instruments for your entire class buy a few and have them tested before they enter your classroom. Then go synthetic, Remo is an amazing distributor known for quality and have discounted buys if you purchase more than one instrument! Synthetic instruments stay around longer, keep a better sound, most can be key tuned, AND they can take a beating and keep on playing!