Another Day, Another Quest

Man, it has been one heck of a school year hasn’t it? Between illness, tension, and everything else the world has thrown our way. If you have survived the school year, you are a true warrior. It has not been easy for so many and I hope that there is a brighter future in the fall. Some of my dear readers have only a few days left until the end of the school year, some have almost a month. I know so many are trying to find ways to get some meaningful learning in while they still have the chance, making it fun and memorable so students can walk into the summer with happy memories and be ready to start the next school year off on the right foot. SO here is something a little fun. It’s web quest time, but instead of just another Quaver quest, I’m going to give it to you two ways. One will be one including all free websites, the other will include screen names for Quaver that you can build in an assignment for students to follow. Hopefully this will be a fun activity to get your students to discover a little more about famous composers will having fun with their friends!


Hello friends! Today we will travel a little back in time to discover more about the famous composers Beethoven. Through each step of our journey we will pick up facts about him along the way, pay close attention because we will need these for later!

Websites (I would level this for 3rd-6th grade):

  • Beethoven Für Elise, Listen to one of Beethoven’s famous pieces. How does it make you feel? What do you think about the musician playing the piano?
  • More about Beethoven, Find 3 facts about Beethoven that are interesting to you!
  • Help Beethoven! (Google Doodle), This is a fun game where you have to put Beethoven’s music back in order. Listen carefully to each piece first to help you get the papers in the right order!
  • Beethoven Kahoot, You think you know all about Beethoven? Let’s test your skills.
  • Beethoven Facts Activity (Create an account and create your own Padlet for kids to add to!), Write one interesting fact about Beethoven anywhere on the Padlet board, and read one of your classmate’s facts.

Quaver Screens (This could be leveled 2nd-5th grade):

  • Joyful, Joyful (Lyrics), Listen to one of Beethoven’s famous pieces. How does it make you feel? Does this piece sound familiar?
  • Quaver Book – Beethoven, Find 3 facts about Beethoven that are interesting to you!
  • Talk to Beethoven, Talk to Beethoven yourself and learn a little bit more about his life!
  • QLibs The Classical Period – Level 2, You think you know all about Beethoven’s time period? Let’s test your skills.
  • Student Recording Screen, Record yourself and tell me 1 interesting fact about Beethoven you learned and why you found that fact interesting.

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