What Happens Next Year?

This you can make ahead of time

Calendar – Create a calendar of challenges, things to practice, or lessons you would like students to look at. Share this with them if you are apart and they have a schedule to follow with you!

Virtual Classroom – See all those cool pictures of interactive classrooms with everyone’s Bitmoji’s dancing around? It’s an engaging tool that you can have in your back pocket and it all starts in Google Slides! Here is a great getting started video that you can find here: Virtual Classroom Tutorial

YouTube Channel – Get some of your lessons on video, this will help if you need to be apart sometime next school year. If you video them, you can have more creative freedom to get a little crazy! Learn how to click the upload button and get those videos up there.

Google Forms – If you do not have a way to assess students digitally right now, I would have something in your back pocket just in case. Get some of your quizzes in Google Forms. This will allow you to send a link to students so they can easily take it from anywhere (Make sure to make the first question their name!)

Communications – You are going to need some letters written up to families to explain things like distance learning expectations, assignments, how to get into websites you send, etc. Get those communications drafted out now so you have less to worry about later!

What are you going to do this summer to prepare yourself for what will come at you this fall? Do you need help getting started with anything above? Comment below!

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