E-learning – Things students can do at home.

It’s been heck of a couple of weeks hasn’t it? I hope everyone is staying home and is healthy. I know if seems like this is never going to end, but just know there is a light at the end of the tunnel to all of this and we will all come out stronger in the long run. 

Some ideas are below to help those music educators out there who are digging for more things to give their students during this time of online learning. Just remember, this is a great time to incorporate more discovery and project based learning into your curriculum. Let the students do the exploring as you do what you can to guide them along the way. You are all doing the best you can do. As long as you are still connecting with your students and keeping them excited to learn about music, you’ve done your job.

Virtual Field Trips, This is a great way to get students discovering what is out there in the world through virtual museum tours like the ones found on this list, Museum Tours. You could also look into an app like Google Expeditions to allow students to continue to explore the world from the comfort of their own homes.

Project Based Learning, If you have ever wanted to table into PBL this is the best time! Create a fun project that allows students to show off their musical knowledge and they can take their time with it and have fun.

  • You could have students research assigned composers, musical periods, or genres. Give them creative liberty on how to present their work. From a normal paper, to a video, to a live video demonstration. Have them show you their best work their way.
  • Craft projects are another great option. To have them build something in the comfort of their own home and with the time that they have now, they can dive deeper in and maybe enjoy a project to do with their family. Have them build dioramas of famous concert venues, instruments, even paint a picture of a famous composer.

Outside time, Give them challenges that will take them outside. Have them find outside sounds maybe using Samplebot to capture the noises and compose a piece. You could also challenge students to perform outside, a perfect way to bring some positivity to their neighbors!

Show off their talents, Living room talent show! Have students video themselves performing, then put it into a reel for all the students to see their friends.

Facebook or YouTube Lives, You as the teacher can do Facebook or YouTube lives to connect with your students. Do a lesson like normal but just to the camera. Students will be able to log on and see. Get creative and make it interesting!


woman in pink long sleeve shirt holding silver laptop computer

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

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