Super Musician to the Rescue! Creating a Comic Book in the Music Room

 Plasq (Desktop Free Trial Download/$29.99 Full Version/ $4.99 App) A new resource I discovered at a tech conference a few months ago. Plasq is a software program/app that allows the user to create full length comic books on their device. The resolution and friendly user interface allows for the comic book newbie to have a great experience creating killer comic books for themselves.


What kinds of things could you do with this program?

1.) Have students write their own plot for an opera! Compose their own songs after to go along with it or have them choose a famous song that already exists to go along with a new story.

A great way to wrap up the end of an opera unit or even to drive the point home that music creates or shares a story.

2.) Show what they have learned in music his year through the comic book. Perfect to type in facts about composers, musical periods,definitions about symbols or musical names then draw a picture to go along with.

What a way to show understanding right? Have them create something they would WANT to show off to even their friends!

 3.) What about an interactive story? Just like the Book The Little Old Lady Who Wasn’t Afraid of Anything where as you read students need to play along and do certain parts. Students can create their own in a comic book format that includes interacting with instruments.

End the school year with a bang and have students create their own and then perform it for the class! OR! You read it and the students interact and then try to guess who’s story it is that they just performed. Turn a comic book adventure into a piece of music!


What kinds of super things do you do with your students towards the end of the year?

2 thoughts on “Super Musician to the Rescue! Creating a Comic Book in the Music Room

  1. Awesome idea! Any examples from your classes?

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