Sharing Student Work : A PSA on the Importance on Sharing

Sharing my students work when I taught was always important. Not only did it show the world what my students were doing, but it also gave them more pride in what they did knowing others were going to see it. We often video taped and recorded performances and we also Skyped and sent our recordings and links to others to view and comment on.

     I always and still think it is very important to share work because it inspires other music educators AND shows the community what you do in your music classroom and how important it is. Social media is a great way to quickly give hundreds or thousands of people a quick glance into the daily goings on. The new trend out there is to start a classroom Twitter account and share from there. I have even seen teachers allow students to take over the account, tweeting about what they learned for the day.

      From displaying work on bulletin boards to social media accounts, sharing is really caring. Showing the world how awesome your classroom is. Don’t be afraid to share!


3 sites to try out:

YouTube–  Did you know that you can upload videos to YouTube and keep them out of the public eye? The “Unlisted” option when uploading will hide your videos from everyone except those with the link. That way you can film projects, performances, even cute moments and send links to the people you want to see them, keeping the videos still tucked away. I use YouTube a lot to store my videos so I can share with whom I need or would like.

Facebook Music Teachers– Music Teachers sharing with other Music Teachers in a closed and safe group. It is a great way to get others to see your work and get ideas for their own classroom, but also to get feedback on the great things you do!

School Social Media accounts-  Not all districts have social media accounts such as Facebook or Twitter, but if yours has one, that is the best place to share student work and the on goings of your class! I had a rule of “No faces no names” on my personal account but my district could share! If your district does not have any accounts, what are you waiting for?


How are you sharing?

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