December Music Ed Blog Carnival

I am SSOO sorry I am so late with this. The past few months have really slipped by me. Unfortunately this is a fairly short list but I have added some inspirational tweet quotes and resources to get you in the “it’s almost vacation!” spirit.


Matthew Thibeault – A great video post by Dr. Thibeault about algorithms and the future of music education.

The Singing Classroom – This is an older post but so important, talking about why music education matters in such passionate and eloquent words.

ITeachPiano– How do young music students acquire high levels of expertise in instrumental music? A piece from ITeachPiano.

Things for Strings– A collections of awesome music theory worksheets that are sort of comic book style. Posted by ThingsforStrings but you can visit the original website at

Vocal Warmups– Blog by Kelly Parish about free vocal warmups for the younger children that out of this world!



Notable Tweets:


 I don’t think there is a subject that you CAN’T connect music to.

“Grades can cause kids to do inauthentic things.” They’ll avoid risks, avoid making mistakes. Why do we expect perfect?

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. – Steve Jobs .

POTUS: we have 2 step up our game, close tech gaps, pay teachers well, offer prof devlmnt, “yank our schls N2 21st c”

A1 “Pirates are daring, adventurous, and willing to sail into uncharted waters with guarantee of success.” quote


 Resources Shout Out:

Carnegie Hall Toolbox– A free online collection of teaching and assessment resources for K-5 music educators.

Incredibox V4– New version of the ever popular beat boxing tool is out!



 If you are interested in hosting a music education blog carnival, click here! The next issue will be hosted by Amy Martin!

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