Resources to Start out the School Year

I know up here in New England its the first few weeks of school and everybody has their nose to the preverbal grindstone getting organized and settled. This was the usual time I would be working on setting routines and expectations, and getting my tech tools ready for the new school year. Since I’m not back in the classroom this year, I thought I’d share some of the resources and tools I would use from day one of the school year to day one hundred and eighty. 


TeacherKit / IDoceo– Two fantastic grade book apps for your iPad. I used TeacherKit because it was free and provided what I needed, but IDoceo is another great app that costs $7.99 in the app store.  With grade books, seating charts, behavior notes, and recording capabilities, these apps are certain to make your school year more organized and a little less stressful

IDoceo ($7.99): Download Here 

Teacher Kit (Free): Download Here



YouTube Play Lists- I always had a big list of Youtube clips I wanted to show during different lessons throughout the year. My most popular and the one I used the most was my Movement Break list, but I also had ones for chorus recruitment, past performances, holiday themed, orchestra, and more. Check out my Karaoke and Movement Break lists here:

Movement Breaks: Visit Here

Karaoke: Visit Here


Pinterest Boards- During the summer I would fill my boards with hundreds of new ideas I collected. I would make sure I tried at least 5 new things off my boards each year whether it be a new class management strategy or a new game. I posted some of my favorite things on these three boards.

Cool Classroom Ideas: Visit Here

Tech Stuff: Visit Here

Songs for Class: Visit Here


WebQuest Book-  Not exactly a resource to get ready, but certainly all there for me. My students did a lot of Quaver web quests  as extra credit, class activities, and part of projects. I put together this quest book last year filled with all the quests I would use throughout the year. You can download it here:

PDF: Download Here

iBook: Download Here


Musedmot- Throughout the year this year I plan on having small PD events through Musedmot that will get people chatting, talking shop, and having a great time together while learning new things. Keep your eye out on the Musedmot Twitter and FB for more information on events coming soon.

Twitter: Visit Here

Facebook: Visit Here

 How is the beginning of your school year going? I’d love to hear from you!

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