Apps to Add to Your Collection

So I went a little app-happy a few nights ago and added a handful of amazing new apps to my collection. I chose the 4 that looked the most awesome to share. Most of these will fit with a younger crowd, but I am particularly excited about the ukulele one which looks great for the 3rd and up grades who are taking on the Uke in classes. iPads are such a great tool for creating, composing, and exploring music. Apps like this are just making mobile devices in the music classroom even more of a necessity. 


Scratch Jr.– This is the ultimate app for teaching younger students the basics of coding. With its child-like design, the user can quickly understand how to create the sequence at the bottom that would tell the cat character to do what the user would like. This would be a great tie in to the music classroom by relating it to form and composing a song. You could also have students animate their own cat and then compose music to go with the animation.

Music Learning Lab– This app would be a GREAT independent activity. It takes the user through 14 lessons of basic music theory creating a solid  theory foundation, while earning things that will unlock in the Create and Play areas. A great app for the young students who want to know more. Would be great for a center in the classroom, or to use as an activity for a troublesome student who might not be able to join in with the group that day in class.

Green Screen– Basically does exactly what it is called. This Green Screen app allows users to create a full length video and digitally input a brand new background to create a movie masterpiece. This would be perfect to film music videos or even just film your students performing in class and put a cool background in the back that is guaranteed to impress!

Ukeoke– My new favorite app, no question about this one. Learning the Uke never has been so fun. Kind of similar to the JoyTunes family of apps but this cool program teaches you popular Uke tunes! With great tools such as ability to record yourself, slow down the songs, tune, and practice the chords before the song. I could see this app not only as a great independent or group activity, but also a whole group game, a supplement for private Uke lessons, or just a take home for a really motivated student.

Photo on 8-22-14 at 7.16 PM #2

What apps are you ready to use for your new school year?

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