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This week has been INSANE. I’ve basically been to the other side of the country and back in just a mere few days. I have been out since the 4th and have yet to be home yet (Almost there! On the last stop!) During this time Musedmot went on. This event is my PD baby, I eat, sleep, and breath Musedmot and was at first heartbroken to know I had  to do a presentation the same time Musedmot went on, but thanks to amazing moderators @TheYellowBrickRoad and @ClarinetRachel, scheduled tweets, loyal participants, and  a  new Challenge feature  #musedmot lived to see another day!  

With my new position change for this year I will be scheduling smaller Musedmot events throughout the year! 

 Watch for our first back to school chat August 13th at 7pm!


The day was scattered with fantastic Twitter chats if you would like the archives visit the Storify link:

      Up on the site until the 16th will be the Take the Challenge! page. This is meant to be a reflection activity. Allowing us to look back on the year we had and prepare even better for the year again. To take what we’ve learned and learn even more. I took the challenge, actually I took the challenge every year of my teaching. I dare you to take this one. Even if you don’t share you’re answers take it anyway.  Click Here  to take it.

            Thank you to those of you who keep coming back event after event. I don’t plan on stopping these anytime soon, just have to keep changing them up until we find the right fit. Keep August 13th on your calendar at 7pm we will chat musedmot style getting you ready for back to school! Stayed tuned to for more even announcements throughout the year, we will have everything from live webinars, to G+ Hangouts, and even more twitter chats. This is going to be a year you won’t soon forget.


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