Apps to Help You Through A Conference

We’ve all been there, big conference we are SO excited for. We get everything ready to go, the paperwork to take the days off,  asking for a sub, picking the right workshops. It all boggles the mind with how much work needs to be done for some fun but we all know it is totally worth it in the end. I thought it would be cool to list some must have apps that can help you keep organized and not only give you the opportunity to have a lot of fun but also learn a lot as well. Some of these are my recommendations, and some were polled from my Twitter PLN!


Tripit– A complete must have for any avid traveler. It organizes all of your travel so you can have all your flight, hotel, and anything else you need in one place. This app has a fantastic feature that allows you to forward all of your confirmation emails to them and it automatically gets put into the app for you!

Evernote– Ultimate note organization app. You can take photos of presentation slides, take voice memos, or just type the important points and keep them all in one place. This app also automatically syncs with whatever devices you have the app downloaded to. I can take notes on my iPad and have them automatically sync to my computer.

Guidebook– Many conferences are starting to go mobile with their conference guide books. Check out this app and see if your upcoming conference is on it. You can see all of the sessions for the conference, make your own schedule, get alerts, and make a list of all the exhibitors you want to see.

Notability– A fantastic note taker app. Recommended by many, this app takes the place of a pencil and notebook and allows you organize your notes all into one place.

Twitter– Twitter is becoming the ultimate tool in collaboration and connection especially at conferences. Find out if the conference you’re attending has a hashtag. You can talk to other attendees and maybe even meet up and make new friends.

QR Code Reader and Scanner– It is popular for many presenters to put QR codes into their presentation for you to be able to download extras or go to the link they are talking about. Having a good QR code reader will always come in handy for grabbing those extras. Some conferences use QR codes to make the conference more interactive by having QR hunts where you can win prizes!

PDF Expert– Because who doesn’t need a really nice PDF organizer and reader?



What’s your favorite app to use at a conference that you can’t live without?

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