Quick and Easy Centers

I am in the middle of moving schools and helping out with our high school drama production of Brigadoon by playing the bagpipes for them. It’s been a heck of a month and I have a sinking feeling it’s only going to get busier from here.

As this is my last week at my current school I decided to do some quick and easy centers that required little to no equipment so I could let the students have fun while I made sure my room was packed up and ready to go and my grade were done. Each is musical related and is a very simple activity the students can complete in 5 minutes or 15


Cuptastic (Materials: Cups)- Take one cup and now you have a choice, either practice the cup song from the movie Pitch Perfect, or, create your own killer cup routine. Share your work with your friends when you are done.


Freeze Dance (Materials: Speaker, iPod, Freeze Dance the app) Time to boogie! You can either play for outs or play for fun. All you have to do is choose a song from the playlist and get dancing! If you play for fun take turns choosing the song, if you play for outs, choose someone fair and trustworthy to be your judge. The app with take care of the starting and stopping all you have to do is FREEZE!


Interval Monkey (Materials: Interval Monkey IWB activity in Quavermusic, iPad with Splashtop app) The monkey needs to jump from one note to the next, but you need to help him figure out how. Look at the list of what you need to help him get from one note to the next (Step, Skip, Leap) and help him by placing the missing notes in the right spots. If you get it right he gives you a thumbs up, if you get wrong he falls over!.


Music Video (Materials: Video Camera) Create a scene as a group about why music is awesome, be appropriate, make it meaningful. Record your scene before time is up!

               Simple, easy, and not a lot of materials. Made life fun in my classroom for the last week!


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