District iPad Conference Materials

Just running by with a quick post this week! I’m all over the place this week and to top it all off I have been fighting yet ANOTHER cold which has made me slow down quite a bit! Chugging Emergen-C and eating ColdEeze like it is my job! Yes I know, I really need to be in a bubble or something.

     Last night I pulled off a drive through presentation (ran in last minute just started talking during my slot, and then really just ran out. It was fun!) I talked about using the SAMR method for integrating iPads into the classroom at our district iPad conference.I then went on to show some really cool apps and then gave a few resources to keep collaborating and learning which included a big Pinterest board I put together. It was my first really non music tech presentation I’ve done in a while, go EdTechies!  Below is my handout and my power point with all the links and information from my session.

Easy iPad Integration for the Technology Hesitant:

Handout- Download Here

Powerpoint- Download Here

If you have trouble downloading the materials head to my conference presentation page to download from there: http://www.cdwinal.com/conferencepresentations.htm


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