Do you know how amazing this past week has been? I have been waiting for months to be able to head down to San Antonio for TMEA and meet up with wonderful people that I only get to see maybe once a year. Along the way I met up with so many new faces this year and  absolutely loved to see smiles when I presented my solo session and was even more thrilled to present with the amazing Amy Burns. You know what my favorite part was out of the whole week?

1622832_10100104981014447_2094006784_nI get to be a part of this amazing group

TOTYs! (Next year we need to do the Dr. Who inspired pic)

         What ever happens next year I will always be  inspired to push forward and continue to ensure students in the music classroom are receiving the best education with the help of technology, TI:ME is a group of leaders and innovators and I am proud to be a part of it . I am truly blessed to have so many people looking out for me. I cannot wait to raise the bar and push forward into the further. Next stop, my masters!

      If you’re sitting here saying “Man I am jealous, a great conference..AND 80 degree weather?” then start planning for next year and I will see you there! If you have never come to TMEA then you NEED to go next year! It is a must!! From the sessions, to the exhibitor booths (I hear that Quaver Music booth was pretty hopping), to going out and having dinner with long time friends you only get to see once a year is an event you can’t help but look forward to.

    Looking for session materials? Here are some from TI:ME members who have put theirs up online already:

1926865_10100104981328817_1545305678_nBack in the snow may stink, but this picture will remind me to keep smiling 🙂

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